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Muskmelon Season

Melon Picking

Melon picking farms in Aichi Prefecture let you harvest your own muskmelons! Many melon farms also have all-you-can-eat melon plans featuring muskmelons and various other types of melon, such as Earl’s Favorite. Other options include places to barbecue. Enjoy the experience to the fullest until your hunger is completely satisfied.♪

Gamagori-CityGamagori Orange Park

Enjoy muskmelon grown in a greenhouse with a robust, sweet taste. There are several plans to choose from, including a melon picking plan, 60-minute all-you-can-eat melon plan, and a melon sampling plan. Pick the one that best fits your schedule!

Melon Picking: Saturday, June 6, 2020 to the end of September 2020
*Exact season depends on the growing conditions of the melons.
Reservations: 0533-68-2321 (Reception open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Gamagori-CityTakeshima Island

A little island with a mysterious atmosphere
A famous symbol of Gamagori, Takeshima Island is a lovely little island located in Mikawa Bay, roughly 680 meters in diameter with an area of 19,000 ㎡. Visitors can cross over to the island by means of a footbridge about 400 meters in length.

Takeshima Island

Tahara-CityMaruka Nouen Farm

Experience muskmelon picking in an area known for abundant agriculture. Harvest perfectly round melons with your own hands and look forward to devouring the sweet and juicy fruit.

Melon Picking: End of April to mid-October 2020
Reservations: 0531-45-3167 or 0120-453-167
*Depending on the number of people and the timing of the reservation request, it may not be possible to make a reservation.

Tahara-CityKoijigahama Beach (Koijigahama)

Romantic ocean scenery in a land sacred for lovers
This popular date spot is an ideal place for a wedding proposal. With its “Wish-Granting Padlock” and an “Eternal Love Promise Bell,” Kojigahama Beach is known as the “Lover’s Sanctuary,” along with Cape Irago Lighthouse.

Koijigahama Beach (Koijigahama)

Tahara-CityNew Atsumi Kanko Farm

Close to National Route 259, New Atsumi Kanko is marked by a “Jumbo Melon” sign a full 4 meters across. There you can have your fill of melon picking and all-you-can-eat muskmelon. Although there’s a 30-minute time limit, you are sure to leave wholly satisfied.

Melon Picking: Saturday, May 25, 2020 to September 13, 2020
Reservations: Please check the official website.
*Those who make reservations through the internet will receive a coupon they can use towards their purchase (does not include melon picking, all-you-can-eat, and cut melon plans).
*All-you-can-eat melon plans are currently cancelled.

Tahara-CityCape Irago Lighthouse (Iragomisaki Todai)

A symbol of the cape, a romantic white lighthouse
The lovely white lighthouse makes a sharp contrast to the blue sky and ocean extending as far as the eye can see. On clear days, as day sinks into evening and the sun paints the sky in brilliant colors, the shining beam of light from the lighthouse is stunningly romantic.

Cape Irago Lighthouse (Iragomisaki Todai)

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