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Aichi’s All Creatures Great And Small

Aichi’s All Creatures Great And Small

There are a number of places within Aichi that invite you to come face to face with the hairy, the scaly, the wrinkly, the smooth, the warm and cold blooded,… in fact, all creatures great and small!

Nagoya CityHigashiyama Zoo, Botanical Gardens

Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo, One of Asia’s Greatest Zoos!

Japan’s second busiest zoo, Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo is home to an impressive 550 species of animals, including elephants, penguins, bears, tigers, giraffes, birds, reptiles, hippos, apes, lions, skunks, rhinos, seals, and even the “World’s most handsome gorilla”!

Nagoya CityNittai-ji, Temple

Built in 1904 to enshrine the holy remains of the Buddha, presented by Thailand (then Siam), Nittai-ji is the only temple in Japan not belonging to a single specific sect, but holds a position within the whole of Buddhism.

Nittai-ji, Temple

Nagoya CityPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium

See the Best of the Sea at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

One of Japan’s biggest and best aquariums is the exciting Port Of Nagoya Public Aquarium at Nagoya Port. Home to Orca killer whales, dolphins and Beluga Whales, and featuring marine life from Japan to Antarctica.

Inuyama CityJapan Monkey Centre

Monkey Around at Inuyama’s Japan Monkey Center

The name Inuyama translates to “Dog Mountain”, however, you’re more likely to see monkeys than dogs at Inuyama. The Japan Monkey Centre, 43,600 square meters of museum and zoological gardens, is home to about 900 individuals of over 60 different types of primates from all over the world.

Inuyama Castle

One of only 12 remaining castles in original condition, and the smallest and oldest remaining keep of the 5 National Treasure designated castles, Inuyama Castle is an excellent example of 16th century castle architecture.

Inuyama Castle

Mihama TownMinamichita Beach Land

Aquariums, Amusements, Animals and Aichi Action at Minami Chita Beach Land

The Minami Chita Beach Land amusement park and aquarium complex is a year round popular Aichi destination, ideal for couples, families, groups and single travelers too!

Nishio CityMinami Chita Onsen Hot Spring

The Best Of Both Worlds, Beach and Hot Spring Resort, Minami Chita
The town of Minami Chita on the beautiful Chita Peninsula is another of Aichi’s popular year round beach and hot spring resort areas. Close to Utsumi and Yamami Beaches, the views are magnificent, the hot springs are many and varied, and the fresh seafood taken from the bountiful Ise Bay is delicious!

Minami Chita Onsen Hot Spring

Toyohashi CityToyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park

40 Hectares of Animal, Vegetable and Mineral!

Popular Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park is 40 hectares of zoo, botanical gardens, amusement park and natural history museum all in the one place. Its a fun place to learn, experience and play for the whole family!

Toyohashi CityYoshida Castle

Explore the ruins of Toyohashi’s historical Yoshida Castle, immortalized in the classic woodblock prints depicting the Tokaido highway, discover its fascinating history, and link to one of the greatest samurai battles.

Yoshida Castle

Gamagori CityTakeshima Aquarium

See Japan’s Largest Collection of Fish at Gamagori’s Takeshima Aquarium

See rare sharks and crabs, playful sea lions, and over 4,500 saltwater, freshwater, deepwater and tropical marine life from all around the world at Aichi’s seaside playground, Gamagori!

Gamagori Orange Park

Pick all-you-can-eat in-season fruits, including mouth-watering Mikan mandarin oranges, sweet strawberries, juicy grapes and melons at this fun fruit park.

Gamagori Orange Park

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