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Unusual Festivals of Aichi

Unusual Festivals of Aichi

Japan is known for its various cultural, historical festivals. Not all are as simple and as serious as you’d think, and Aichi has its fair share of unusual festivals too. Here are a few for you to enjoy!

Nishio CityTenteko Matsuri Festival

Is that a Radish, or are you Happy To see Me? Tenteko Matsuri Festival

The Tenteko Matsuri is a 900 year-old festival to pray for a bumper harvest of the five grains, held on January 3 every year. Men in red kimono hang a large daikon radish around their waist, then walk around thrusting their hips, and the swinging male-appendage radish, in a lewd manner, while singing “Tenteko, tenteko,..” A strange and amusing festival

Inazawa CityHadaka Matsuri Festival

Baring All at Konomiya Shrine’s Naked Festival

Every freezing cold February, thousands of warmly dressed spectators line the avenue to the ancient Konomiya Shrine to watch the Hadaka Matsuri, the Naked Festival. Hundreds of men in only light cotton loincloths are splashed with cold water as they carry portable shrines, or try to touch the “Lucky Man”as he makes his way to the inner shrine.

Nishio CityToba Fire Festival

The Fire Festival of Toba Shinmeisha Shrine

A thrilling 1,200 year old fire festival, held at the Toba Shinmeisha Shrine, and featuring 2 great 5-ton blazing torches, with a ladder between the 2 torches the “chosen one” must climb through.

Komaki CityHonen Festival

The Phallus Festival of Komaki

Komaki is a small, quite, industrial city just north of Nagoya, home to hard working salt-of-the earth type people. Not much happens in Komaki, and so annual Honen Festival, celebrating fertility and renewal, and featuring an absolutely huge votive penis is such a shocker!

Komaki CityKomaki Castle

Nobunaga’s Stepping Stone to Victory, Komaki Castle
Komaki Castle is a small but historically and strategically important castle, constructed in 1563 atop 86m high Mt Komaki, providing unhindered views across the Nobi Plain, The castle would be the first to make extensive use of defensive stonework, and would serve as a template for the future magnificent Azuchi Castle.

Komaki Castle

Minamichita TownTai Matsuri, The Sea Bream Festival

There’s Something Fishy Going On In Minami Chita!

It looks like something out of a fishy Godzilla movie, or a fishy version of King Kong! Giant land-based red Sea Bream up to 18 meters long and six meters high, charging and attacking each other in clouds of sand and being chased by near naked men before returning to the sea, where they splash and bob about!

Himakajima Island

Himakajima Island, The Octopus’s Garden…?!
One of 3 small islands off the coast of Aichi. Himakajima is known as the Octopus Island! Himakajima is famous for octopus and the poison blowfish delicacy, Fugu. Popular year round for its beaches, resorts, fishing and feasting, the waters are calm, ideal for children and adults alike. Himakajima offers many hot springs, hotels and inns with superb views of the beautiful, sparkling Mikawa Bay.

Himakajima Island

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