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Discover Aichi’s Onsen Hot Spring Spa Spots

Discover Aichi’s Onsen Hot Spring Spa Spots

Enjoy Japanese culture and Japanese style relaxation at any of the popular onsen, or hot springs, in Aichi. The properties of the various springs are said to be good for the skin and a variety of ailments. All are a great way to relax year round, soaking away the aches, the pains and the stress in the steaming hot waters.

Gamagori CityMiya Onsen Hot Spring

Gamagori’s Miya Onsen, 1,200 Years of Hot Spring History

For over 1,200 years Gamagori’s seaside Miya Onsen hot spring spa has been one of the most popular of Gamagori’s many resorts. Every October, the 300 year-old Miya Festival, featuring huge 6m high gold and lacquered Yama festival floats that are carried into the sea, is staged nearby.


Enjoy Shopping, Playing, Eating and Relaxing at Laguna Ten Bosch
Laguna Ten Bosch is a multi purpose marine resort, fun park. shopping and entertainment complex, luxury hotel and spa in Aichi’s largest onsen resort town of Gamagori. Visitors flock to the resort in summer for the water parks and marina, and in winter for the hot spring spas.


Gamagori CityNishiura Onsen Hot Spring

Old Gamagori’s Modern Hot Springs, Nishiura Onsen

Located high above the beach in the middle of the Nishiura Peninsula, Nishiura Onsen hot-spa and hotel offers great views of the ocean and surrounding area. The springs were discovered in 1953, and fast became popular across Japan.

Gamagori CityKatahara Onsen Hot Spring

Katahara Onsen and the Hydrangea Festival

In the late 1500’s a hot spring appeared at the foot of Mt Sangane, west of Gamagori. Some years later, the spring suddenly stopped, however, it re-appeared following the 1945 Mikawa Earthquake, as has since gone on to become a popular resort. In June every year the Ajisai Matsuri, or Hydrangea Festival takes place with over 50,000 hydrangeas bursting into colorful bloom.

Gamagori Orange Park

Fresh Fruit Fossicking at Gamagori Orange Park
Gamagori is famous for its hot springs, its marina and entertainment resort complex, and for growing sweet, juicy Mikan oranges. At Gamagori Orange Park, you can enjoy picking and eating your own fresh fruits throughout the year, including melons, grapes, strawberries and of course, Mikan. Sales and tasting available.

Gamagori Orange Park

Shinshiro CityYuya Onsen Hot Spring

The Valley Of Hot Water, Shinshiro’s Yuya Onsen Hot Springs

The hot springs of Shinshiro’s Yuya Onsen are found deep in a picturesque valley along the Ure River, with stunning traditional Japanese views of the mountains and river. The hot springs have been enjoyed since the priest Sennin of the nearby Horai-ji Temple discovered them over 1,300 years ago. Healthy spring water is bottled and sold, and relaxing footbaths are available too.

Yotsuya Senmaida

Yotsuya Senmaida, The Terraced Rice-fields of Yotsuya
The Yotsuya Senmaida, the terraced rice-fields in Shinshiro, western Aichi is a magnificent feat of ancient engineering. Senmaida means “1,000 rice fields,” and there are in fact 1,296 rice fields, averaging 90 m2 on the hillside at Yotsuya.

Yotsuya Senmaida

Nishio CityKira Onsen Hot Spring

Japan’s Waikiki, Nishio City’s Kira Onsen Hot Springs

The Kira region is famous for being the domain of Lord Kira, antagonist of the 47 Ronin story. It is also known as the Waikiki of Japan, with palm trees swaying along the sandy shores of the Miyazaki Beach, surrounded by resort hotels and the annual Hawaiian Festival staged every August. The relaxing, healthy hot springs simply add to the enjoyment of Kira’s history and culture.

Minamichita TownMinamichita Onsen Hot Spring

The Best Of Both Worlds, Beach and Hot Spring Resort, Minami Chita

The town of Minamichita on the beautiful Chita Peninsula is another of Aichi’s popular year round beach and hot spring resort areas. Close to Utsumi and Yamami Beaches, the views are magnificent, the hot springs are many and varied, and the fresh seafood taken from the bountiful Ise Bay is delicious!

Minamichita Beach Land

Meet The Marine Life at Minamichita Beach Land
Popular year round, Minamichita Beach Land has a number of first class facilities to make your trip even more enjoyable. See the dolphins and seals performing daily in the 1,000 seat capacity stadium, and visit the petting pool to touch and play ball with the dolphins and seals. Be entertained by sea otters, pelicans, penguins, sea turtles, rays, sharks and more. Be amazed by the Big Tank featuring marine life from the Ise Bay.

Minami Chita Beach Land

Inuyama CityInuyama Onsen Hot Spring

Historical Inuyama’s Modern Hot Spring Attraction

Ancient Inuyama’s newest attraction is the Inuyama Onsen Hot Spring, discovered in 1995 from sources 1,200 meters below the ground. The large open-air bath is very popular, and the hot alkaline water is said to be gentle and therapeutic for the skin.

  • Inuyama Onsen Hot Spring

Inuyama Castle

National Treasure, Inuyama Castle
Of the five castles across Japan designated National Treasures, Inuyama Castle, dating from 1537, has the oldest remaining keep. Perched above the Kiso River, it is one of the smaller, but more historically important Japanese castles.

Inuyama Castle

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