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Tahara-City Melon Picking

  • Melon Picking
  • Melon Picking

Tahara, It’s Melon Picking Time!

Mention the word “melon”, and you can watch the eyes of the Japanese glass over, their faces will turn as though looking away into the far distance, a slight smile will come to their lips, and they will begin to dribble. Such is the power of the mighty melon. In Japan, the melon is much-prized gift, a delicacy to savoir, and long regarded as a symbol of elegance, and affluence.

Tahara, on the Atsumi Peninsula, with its warmer climate, fresh air and plentiful sunlight make it the ideal melon growing region. There are six melon farms across the Tahara region where you can enter the plantation, fossick amongst the vines then choose and pick your own melon. Some of the plantations offer an all-you-can-eat service in addition to a pick- your-own-melon experience.

Imagine, fields of light green musk melons, sweet, juicy, fragrant and ready for the picking. Rich, juicy Yellow King cantaloupe melons, with well-defined rinds covering the firm, orange flesh inside. For the Japanese, this is the closest to heaven (or Nirvana) that you could experience in a lifetime.

Tahara’s melon picking season is quite long, beginning in late April until mid October, with the peak months between June and September depending on the location. Many places will require a booking in advance, as they can be very popular during the peak picking seasons. Visit, pick and taste a touch of Japanese heaven at Tahara, on the picturesque Atsumi Peninsula in Aichi.


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Location : 〒441-3492
Tahara-City, Aichi
Holidays : Open everyday during the season (from June to July)
Phone number : 0531-23-3516 (Atsumi Peninsula Visitors Bureau)

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