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Toyota-City [Cancelled]
Tenkasai Festival

Date : February(The middle ten days)

  • Tenkasai Festival
  • Tenkasai Festival
  • Tenkasai Festival
  • Tenkasai Festival
  • Tenkasai Festival

The 2021 Tenkasai Festival has been cancelled.

The Tenkasai Festival is an exotic and rather thrilling festival held at Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine, located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Annually in February, legions of local men believed to be in their bad-luck year ("Yakudoshi," the age of 42) and wearing only the "fundoshi" loincloth, gather to brawl, push and shove in order to touch the blessed wooden sphere "Mizutama," or "water ball," and get rid of their bad fortunes. Cold blessed water is constantly thrown at them just to purify them a bit more and keep the excitement within controllable levels.

Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine is the famous birthplace of the Matsudaira Clan, the family that after Tokugawa Ieyasu had its name changed to Tokugawa Clan. There, the clan founder Matsudaira Chikauji is enshrined, which is one of the reasons for the shrine's great popularity. The shrine's premises hold an old well named "Ubuyu-no-ido" ("First Bath Well"), which is believed to be endowed with holy powers from the time of Chikauji. Even at that time, it was a clan's tradition to bath newborns in the well's blessed waters, and so with Tokugawa Ieyasu it was no different and he had his first dipping bath with water from this well, upon his birth in Okazaki Castle. All the water used in this festival comes from this well, including the amount used for purifying the "Mizutama."

All the ceremonies and rituals of this festival take two days to be carried out, and during that time, visitors may enjoy the countless "Yatai" stalls selling food and amusement for kids, and several other unique procedures, such as the one in which the participating men pour blessed water on themselves in a frenetic way. Watch out for the "Senjin Nabe", or "Battlefield Hotpot," Hanamochi Rice Cake Pounding, "Taiko" drum performances and demonstrations of martial "Bo-no-Te" art (lit. "Bar Hand" or "Hand on Stick").

2020 Tenkasai Festival Schedule

Tenkasai Festival

February 8th (Saturday), 2020
• 4:00 PM - Mizutama Ritual
• 5:30 PM - Safety Prayer Ritual
• 6:30 PM - Great Misogi Purification (Gathering at 5:00 PM)

February 9th (Sunday), 2020
• 9:30 AM - Participant Reception (Division of participants into Red and White teams)
• 10:00 AM - Opening
• 10:30 AM - Mochi Making for Purification
• 11:50 AM - Mochi Rice Cake Offering
• 12:30 PM - Waistcloth Preparation
• 2:00 PM - Brawling
• 2:30 PM - Ball Dispute
• 3:00 PM - Mochi Giveaway


  • Parking
Date : February 13th (Saturday) and 14th (Sunday), 2021
Holding time : February
8th (Saturday) - from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
9th (Sunday) - from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Place : Around the Matsudaira-Go Area
Location : 〒444-2202
Matsudaira-cho, Toyota-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Participation Fee: 5,000 yen
Just watching and sightseeing: free of charge
Parking : Available on February 9th (Sunday) only
*: At the Matsudaira Undo Hiroba (Sports Ground)
There are no parking lots near the venue. Please use the free shuttle bus from the parking lot.
Phone number : 080-5151-8944 (Festival Committee) (weekdays from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, weekends from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
Free shuttle bus information : Date: February 9th (Sunday)
Holding time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (continuous circulation)
Bus stops: (1) In front of Meitetsu Toyota Hotel
(2) Close to Okazaki Okutono Jinya
(3) Matsudaira Undo Hiroba (Sports Ground)
Temporary Parking Lot

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Meitetsu Toyotashi Station, take the Toyota Oiden Bus bound to Shimoyama and get off at Matsudaira-Go.
    Or look for the free shuttle bus (see details above).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    From the New Tomei Expressway, enter the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway at the Toyota-Higashi Junction and exit at Toyota-Matsudaira. When exiting, take the leftmost lane to enter Route 301 heading eastwards. After 13.6km, turn right to enter the Matsudaira Sports Grounds (松平運動広場 Matsudaira Undo Hiroba) on the Yamanota district. Free shuttle bus provided from the parking lot.

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