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Towers of Light, Towers at Night

Towers of Light, Towers at Night

There’s something about night scenes that calms, soothes and eases all stress and worries. The romantic views that, no matter how often you see them, still manage to keep you spellbound! Here are a few great places offering the best night views in Aichi!

Nagoya-CityNagoya TV Tower

Nagoya’s TV Tower, a Symbol of the City

See Japan’s oldest broadcast tower and see Nagoya city from the 100m high observation deck and restaurant. Designed with France’s Eiffel Tower in mind, Nagoya’s TV Tower was destroyed twice by Godzilla and Mothra! Open at night for breathtaking night views of the city and surrounds.

Oasis 21

Walk around the large steel and glass dish containing 15 tons of water known as Spaceship Aqua, and see the underground shopping center and the Galaxy Platform multi-purpose event space below, ringed by over 30 various specialty shops, restaurants and service centers. Illuminated in continuously changing colors at night, the observation platform is open for a romantic evening stroll.

Oasis 21

Nagoya-CityHigashiyama Sky Tower

Witness Spectacular Views of Nagoya and Surrounding Areas from Higashiyama Sky Tower

Higashiyama Sky Tower offers a 214m high superb view of the zoo, botanical gardens, Nagoya City and surrounding areas. Sunset and night views from the observation deck are spectacular, with the tower being chosen as one of Japan’s top 100 sunset viewing spots!

Nittai-ji Temple

Built in 1904 to enshrine the holy remains of the Buddha presented to Japan by Thailand (then Siam), Nittai-ji is the only temple in Japan not belonging to a single specific sect, but holds a position within the whole of Buddhism.

Nittai-ji Temple

Ichinomiya-City138 Tower Park

360-Degree Views From 138 Tower Park

The symbol of Ichinomiya City, 138 Tower Park is situated in the Kiso Sansen National Park, Japan’s largest national park. The 138m high tower’s observation deck and the Sky Lounge Big Tree Restaurant provides stunning 360-degree panoramic night and day views.

Tahara-CityMt. Zao Observation Tower

See The World From Magical Mt. Zao

More great day and night views can be had from the observation tower on Mt. Zao. At 250m above sea level, Mt. Zao provides a 360-degree view of the Tahara region, and includes shops, restaurants, vending machines and other facilities attracting visitors for the magical day and night scenery. On a clear day, Mt. Fuji can also be seen from here. In the fall, thousands gather for the popular Mt. Zao Autumn Leaf Festival.

Koijigahama Beach

Known as “Lover’s Beach” for both its romantic views and due to its name, meaning the “beach of love”, Koijigahama is a top spot for couples, particularly in the evenings from sunset on! Bring a padlock to make your romantic dreams come true!

Koijigahama Beach

Gamagori-CityMt. Sangane Skyline / Mikawa Bay Skyline

See the Stars, The Cities, The Sea, The Sights from Mt. Sangane Skyline

A night drive along the 5.1km long Mikawa Bay Mt. Sangane Skyline provides you with views of both sprawling Nagoya City in the distance, and Gamagori, and the coastal towns below. During the day, the Pacific Ocean views are spectacular too.

Kira Onsen Hot Spring

The Kira region is famous for being the domain of Lord Kira, antagonist of the 47 Ronin story. It is also known as the Waikiki of Japan, with palm trees swaying along the sandy shores of the Miyazaki Beach, surrounded by resort hotels and the annual Hawaiian Festival staged every August. The relaxing, healthy hot springs simply add to the enjoyment of Kira’s history and culture.

Kira Onsen Hot Spring

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