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The Tokoname Pottery Festival

The Tokoname Pottery Festival

Tokoname, one of Aichi’s two traditional ceramics and pottery towns comes alive in the summer with fantastic festivals and great attractions.

Tokoname-CityTokoname-yaki Festival

Tokoname has been one of Japan’s six famous pottery centers since ancient times. The second Saturday and Sunday of August has long been the date when pottery and ceramics aficionados from around Japan and around the world gather in Tokoname for the annual Tokoname-yaki Festival. Get great bargains on tea-pots, cups, plates tableware and all manner of ceramics at this lively festival.

INAX Live Museum
Discover the wonders of decorative ceramics and tiles from around the world!
The INAX Live Museum is located in the traditional pottery town of Tokoname. Discover the wonders of decorative ceramics and tiles from around the world. Over 1,000 different tiles from the Orient, Middle East, Spanish, Dutch, English, Chinese and Japanese decorative floor, wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and fireplace tiles,…who knew there couldaa be so many uses for tiles?
Pottery Footpath
Walk the Streets of Traditional Pottery Town, Tokoname
Walk the backstreets of Tokoname one of Japan’s “Six Ancient Pottery Towns”. Discover aged kilns, red-bricked chimneys, and the famous Dokan Zaka, lined with walls of earthenware pipes and bottles.
Tokoname City’s, mascot "Tokonyan"
Tokonyan is Tokoname’s giant Maneki Neko, traditional good luck cat figure. Take a photo and take some good luck home with you!

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