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  • From Upmarket Fashion Brands To Downmarket Bargains, Shopping Is An Adventure In Nagoya!
From Upmarket Fashion Brands To Downmarket Bargains, Shopping Is An Adventure In Nagoya!

From Upmarket Fashion Brands To Downmarket Bargains, Shopping Is An Adventure In Nagoya!

Shopping in Nagoya is a breathtaking experience. Nagoyans love their designer brand items and accessories, and some of the best top-end shopping can be done in Nagoya! At the other end of the scale, Nagoyans are often seen as being tight with their money, and there are bargains galore to be had if you know where to go. The range is wide, the prices are good. If you can’t find it in Nagoya, you didn’t really want it in the first place!

Nagoya-CityNagoya Station Area

Up Market Shopping In Style, Nagoya Station Area

Luxury brand name shopping, fashion, top restaurants and trendy cafes can all be found around the lively Nagoya Station Area. Department stores such as Takashimaya, fashionable Midland Square, and the recently opened Dai Nagoya Building are hot spots. The locals shop at either Nagoya Station Area, or in city central Sakae. Enjoy a full day shopping in one of the trendiest areas of Nagoya.

  • Nagoya Station Area

Noritake Garden
Discover the Roots of Prestigious Noritake Tableware and casual dinnerware aimed at the European market. Enjoy the many classical and modern designs and styles in the museum gallery, and even try your hand at designing your own tableware.

Toyota Techno Museum
See the history of Japan’s manufacturing industry powerhouse, the Toyota Group, from its humble beginnings as a textiles manufacturer and the machinery and technology that would make Japan a world leader in textiles, and later, automobile manufacturing.

Noritake Garden,Toyota Techno Museum

Nagoya-CitySakae Area

Shop ‘Till You Drop In Nagoya City Central Sakae

Nagoya City central Sakae is the ideal shopping venue. Shop for luxury brands and local items at the world’s oldest department store, Matsuzakaya, elegant Mitsukoshi or Maruei Department stores. See the stylish fashions at LaChic, Parco and Nadia Park, and the various goods available in the extensive underground shopping malls. If you want it, it’s in Sakae!

Nagoya TV Tower
Be amazed by the size and scale of Nagoya City, seen day or night from Japan’s oldest broadcast tower. The upper observation decks, sky high restaurants, food stalls and café’s below the tower are waiting to show you Nagoya!

Oasis 21
Oasis 21’s futuristic landmark, Spaceship Aqua, is a glass and steel pipe structure holding a shallow pool containing 15 tons of water. Below it are many restaurants, café’s, specialty and fashion stores and event space. Lit up at night, Oasis 21 is a stunning sight!

Nagoya TV Tower,Oasis 21

Osu Area

Osu Kannon Temple and Shopping Arcades, Rich In Traditions, Rich In Range!

One of Nagoya’s most popular and picturesque Buddhist temples is Nagoya’s Osu Kannon, surrounded by lively shopping arcades featuring over 400 specialty shops, ranging from toys to fashions, sub-culture to accessories, antiques to electronics with Italian, Brazilian and Turkish restaurants and eateries, side by side with traditional cuisine, Japanese dumplings and sweets. There’s something for everyone in Osu!

Osu Kannon Temple

Nagoya’s Osu Kannon Temple is dedicated to Kannon, the Goddess of mercy and compassion. The popular, exciting and photogenic temple, host to a twice-monthly antiques fair, is surrounded by rows of shopping arcades selling electrical to fashion, subculture items and toys, and everything in between. For fun, bargain priced shopping, head to the Osu Area!

Osu Kannon Temple

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