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Great Buddhas of Aichi

Great Buddhas of Aichi

Japan has a number of Great Buddhas, and Aichi Prefecture has its fair share too. Although they may not be as famous as some of the nations’ Great Buddhas, they are, nonetheless, spiritually and culturally respected, and make for some great photo opportunities too. Here are just a few.

Nagoya-CityKita Great Buddha

Even True Enthusiasts Will Be Surprised by This Smaller Great Buddha

On the grounds of Fuko-ji Temple sits a little-known golden Buddha known as Kita Daibutsu. With a total height of 7.235 meters including the base, this statue is on the small side compared to some of the other Great Buddhas. Within the grounds are the Kita Daibutsu, a statue of the bodhisattva Nyoirin Kannon, Jizo figures representing the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, and a statue which depicts the famous story of the Zen monk Dogen receiving teachings from an elderly monk drying mushrooms.

Nagoya CityNagoya Great Buddha

The Big Green and Gold Buddha of Nagoya

The Togan-ji Temple, dedicated to Oda Nobunaga’s father, Oda Nobuyuki is home to the Great Buddha of Nagoya. The 15 meter high great green and gold Buddha is not supported by lotus flowers as with the majority of Buddhist effigies, but by elephants! Seeing the Buddha’s green and gold face peeking serenely out over the lush vegetation of the Togan-ji’s wide grounds, and surrounded by the modern buildings of Nagoya makes an interesting contrast.

Konan CityGreat Buddha of Hotei

The Grandfatherly Buddha of Hotei

Visible from the train between Hotei Station and Konan Stations on the Meitetsu Inuyama Line, the 18 meter high Hotei Buddha was erected in 1954 by successful local Moxibustion practitioner, Maeda Hidenobu. The Hotei Buddha is popular with travelers on the train line, and with photographers, particularly in spring, when the Buddha is surrounded by clouds of pink cherry blossom.

Tokai CityGreat Buddha of Shurakuen

Tokai City’s Landmark Great Buddha of Shurakuen

Built by a wealthy businessman in 1923, the 18.79 meters high Great Buddha of Shurakuen Some 5 meters taller than the famed Japanese icon, the Great Buddha of Kamakura, the Great Buddha of Shurakuen is admired and treasured by the locals. Made of concrete, it was painted its current bronze color in 1985. You may even catch a glimpse of it on the train between Centrair and Nagoya.

Nishio CityGreat Buddha of Nishio

The Buddha For The Souls Of Those Lost At Sea

Constructed in the 1920’s the 14 meter high Great Buddha of Nishio is found at the Jofukuju-ji Temple. The figure is displaying some rather rare hand gestures, while the halo-like rays emanating from behind the Buddha are also considered rare. This Buddha faces the ocean to placate the souls of those lost at sea.

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