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Grape Picking Feature

Grape Picking in Aichi

A favorite of both adults and children, bring the kids and visit a vineyard to pick some delicious grapes! Not only can you experience the fun of picking, but you can also compare the different varieties.

Okazaki-CityOkazaki Komadachi Grape Picking (Okazaki Komadachi Budogari)

Okazaki Komadachi is a cooperative association with seven vineyards in the Komadachi District of Okazaki City. The opening date for grape picking and the types of grapes that can be picked vary according to each vineyard. Enjoy delicious, ripe grapes from July to October. Each place offers different fun activities, so there's plenty to keep you busy. In summer, you can play and BBQ by the river. In autumn, try your hand at potato harvesting.

[Grape picking season]
•House Delaware
July 20 to 31
August 1 to late August
•Seedless Kyoho "Giant Mountain Grapes"
August 18 to 31
•Kyoho "Giant Mountain Grapes"
Late August to October 10
•Steuben Honey Seedless
Late August to October 10

[Admission fee]
•House Delaware
 Adults 1,600 yen Children 1,200 yen Toddlers 900 yen
•Delaware, Steuben, Honey Seedless, etc.
 Adults 1,500 yen Children 1,100 yen Toddlers 800 yen
•Seedless Kyoho "Giant Mountain Grapes" 
 Adults 2,000 yen Children 1,500 yen Toddlers 1,200 yen
•Kyoho "Giant Mountain Grapes"
 Adults 1,800 yen Children 1,300 yen Toddlers 1,000 yen

Obu-CityObu Grape Picking (Obu Budogari)

These two vineyards in Obu-City have become popular places for grape picking. Between mid-August and mid-September, enjoy picking and eating your own grapes. You can also buy some to take home or give as gifts!

[Grape picking season]
Mid-August to mid-September

[Admission fee]
Adults 1,800 yen
Children (ages 7 to 12) 1,200 yen
Children (ages 4 to 6) 900 yen
Seniors (ages 65 and up) 1,300 yen
*: Children ages 3 and younger free of charge.
*: For senior prices, an ID with proof of age is necessary (drivers license, insurance card, etc)
*: Reservations not required for individuals or families.
*: Please purchase any leftover grapes.

•Grape and Blueberry Hills (Budo-to-Blueberry-no-Oka)
Adults 2,000 yen
Children 1,500 yen
Toddlers 500 yen
*: Depending on the season, you can enjoy both grape picking and blueberry picking at the same time.
*: There is a separate fee for take-home grapes, so please only pick what you can eat.

Higashiura-TownHigashiura Vineyards Grape Picking (Higashiura Budo)

As many as 33 vineyards exist in the Higashiura-Morioka region, offering a total of 21 varieties of grapes. Mid-August to mid-September is the season for grape picking. Come and taste freshly picked grapes on the Chita Peninsula!

[Grape picking season]
Mid-August to mid-September

[Admission fee]
Adults (Junior High School students and older) 1,600 yen
Silver (ages 65 and up) 1,300 yen
Children (Elementary School students and younger) 1,100 yen
Toddlers (ages 4 and younger) 500 yen

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