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  • Riding Aichi, All Aboard Aichi’s Transport Museums
Riding Aichi, All Aboard Aichi’s Transport Museums

Riding Aichi, All Aboard Aichi’s Transport Museums

As a major base for heavy industry manufacturing, and as a transport hub, Aichi offers a number of fascinating museums and attractions where you can see and experience various kinds of transport.

Nagakute CityToyota Automobile Museum

See Over 120 Beautiful Bodies!

Just east of the Nagakute battlegrounds is one of the world’s greatest collections of motor vehicles in the magnificent Toyota Automobile Museum, featuring over 120 cars from all eras of the motoring age.

Ai-Chikyu Haku Kinen Koen Park

Ride the famed Linimo, a high speed commercial magnetic levitation train to the Ai-Chikyu Haku Kinen Koen Park, also known as Expo Park, or Moricoro Park, which was the site of the 2005 World Expo! The symbolic giant Ferris Wheel is still in operation too!

Ai-Chikyu Haku Kinen Koen Park (Expo Park, Moricoro Park)

Nagoya CityToyota Techno Museum

Toyota Techno Museum, Machines and Technology that Changed the World!

See the history of Japan’s manufacturing industry powerhouse, the Toyota Group, from its beginnings as a textiles manufacturer, and the machinery and technology that would make Japan a world leader in textiles, and later, automobile manufacturing.

Nagoya CityNoritake Garden

Discover the roots, the range and the manufacturing processes of prestigious Noritake tableware and casual dinnerware at the elegant Noritake garden in the heart of Nagoya City.

Noritake Garden

Nagoya CitySCMAGLEV and Railway Park

All Aboard the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

Japan’s extensive, efficient, clean and orderly train services are admired around the world. Now you can admire Nagoya’s dynamic SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, a fascinating hands-on museum looking at the past, present and future of Japan’s railway systems and rolling stock.

Nagoya CityPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium

One of Japan’s biggest and best aquariums is the exciting Port Of Nagoya Public Aquarium at Nagoya Port. Home to Orca killer whales, dolphins and Beluga Whales, and featuring marine life from Japan to Antarctica.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Inuyama CityThe Museum Meiji-Mura

The Living Museum of the Past, Open-Air Museum Meiji Mura

Meiji Mura is an open-air museum of historical architecture, structures and items from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) arranged in a theme park-like village in historical Inuyama city.

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