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Power Spots of Aichi

Power Spots of Aichi

Japan is a land of legends, sacred spiritual sites and power spots. Magical places purported to have healing or soothing effects, enlighten the mind and awaken the soul. Discover some of Aichi’s top Power Spots here!

Mihama TownNoma Cape Lighthouse【Power Spot for Love】

Noma Cape Lighthouse, the Beacon of Love

Aichi Prefecture's oldest lighthouse is a special place for lovers! The 18m tall Noma Cape Lighthouse where lovers place padlocks on the lighthouse fence as a symbol of eternal love, and ring the Bell of Bonds.

Minami Chita Beach Land

Minamichita Beach Land is a highly rated interactive aquarium with a wide variety of marine life, fish, crustaceans, mammals and more. There’s something spiritually powerful about relaxing, watching the world beneath the waves.

Minami Chita Beach Land

Tahara CityKoijigahama Beach【Power Spot for Love】

Koijigahama, Tahara-Cho’s Lover’s Beach

Known as “Lover’s Beach” for both its romantic views and due to its name, meaning the “beach of love”, Koijigahama is a top spot for couples. Bring a padlock to make your romantic dreams come true!

Mihama TownKoinomizu Shrine【Power Spot for Love and Relationships】

The Water of Love, at Koinomizu Shrine

Located in Mihama, this shrine is popular amongst those contemplating marriage. Purchase a paper cup and make an offering of water to the shrine to make your love desires come true.

Komaki CityTagata Jinja Shrine【Power Spot for Childbearing】

Tagata Jinja Shrine’s 2.5m Long Male Appendage!

Komaki’s Honen Festival features a huge penis as it’s main symbol. It’s rather risqué and full of innuendo, but also filled with fun and culture. Get some great photo opportunities, souvenirs and tales to shock your friends with when you get home!

Little World Museum of Man

See the world, the Little World, in Inuyama! Little World is an open-air village theme park displaying architecture and culture from around the world!

Little World Museum of Man

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