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Full Day Nagoya’s “Other” Attraction Course Total Distance:60km Total Time:8hours
See and experience the “other” attractions of Aichi’s capital, Nagoya. Visit an international temple, classical villas where East and West combine, meet the unusual, and famous “other” residents of Nagoya, and see the city and surrounds in style from the sky!

Course Contents

Nitai-ji Temple → (4 minutes walk) → Yokiso → (10 minutes walk) → Kakuozan Subway Station → (3 minutes by subway) → Higashiyama Koen Station → (1 minute walk) → Higashiyama Zoo → (walk) → Higashiyama Sky Tower


Nagoya-CityNittai-ji Temple

Nittai-ji, The International Buddhist Temple
Built in 1904 to enshrine the holy remains of the Buddha presented to Japan by Thailand (then Siam), Nittai-ji is the only temple in Japan not belonging to a single specific sect, but holds a position within the whole of Buddhism. See more >



Step Back In Time To When East Met West
Yokiso was the villa of Ito Jirozaemon, former president of Matsuzakaya Department Store, founded in 1611. The villa is an interesting blend of Cultural Asset designated traditional architecture and exquisite Japanese gardens, with early 1900’s western influenced buildings representing the changing times. See more >


Nagoya-CityHigashiyama Zoo, Botanical Gardens

Enjoy Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo, One of Asia’s Greatest Zoos!
Japan’s second busiest zoo, Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo is home to an impressive 550 species of animals, including elephants, penguins, bears, tigers, koalas, giraffes, birds, reptiles, hippos, apes, lions, skunks, rhinos, seals, and even the “World’s most handsome gorilla”! See more >


Nagoya-CityHigashiyama Sky Tower

See Spectacular Views of Nagoya and Surrounding Areas
Higashiyama Sky Tower offers a 214m high superb view of the zoo, botanical gardens, Nagoya City and surrounding areas. Sunset and night views from the observation deck are spectacular, with the tower being chosen as one of Japan’s top 100 sunset viewing spots! See more >
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