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On the Right Track, With Steam, Electric and Bullets!

Did you know that Nagoya Station is the world’s largest train station by floor space? True! If you’re into trains, there’s this great railway museum in the south of Nagoya, capital of Aichi Prefecture called the SC Maglev and Railway Park.

On the Right Track, With Steam, Electric and Bullets!

You can see and climb aboard 39 actual steam locomotives, electric and diesel railcars, all versions of the world famous Shinkansen Bullet Train (which are made in Aichi!) and even the exciting next generation Maglev, Superconductive Magnetically Levitated Vehicle, set to link Nagoya and Tokyo in 40 minutes commencing from 2027! (Takes and hour and 45 minutes by Bullet train now!) Other exhibits include the Railway History Room, Rare Train Zone and a number of World Speed Record setting trains, including the Fastest Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive, the C62. It also houses one of the world’s largest train set dioramas, and a range of train driving simulators to try.

Even if you don’t think much of trains, it’s a pretty cool place to check out.

On the Right Track, With Steam, Electric and Bullets!

Chris Glenn

Chris Glenn is a bilingual radio DJ, TV presenter, producer, narrator, MC, copywriter, author and columnist, and Japanese historian, specializing in samurai castles, battles, armor and weapons. He is an inbound tourism advisor, and is often called upon as a lecturer and speaker on Japanese history and topics. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1968, and has spent over half his life in Japan, most of that time in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Chris is dedicated to promoting and preserving Japans’ long history, deep culture, traditions, arts and crafts.

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