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Nagoya-City [Reduced contents in 2022]
Nagoya Festival
(Nagoya Matsuri)

Date : 10/15/2022, 10/16/2022

  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)
  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)
  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)

A Festival on the Grandest Scale, Adding Color to Autumn in Nagoya

The main event is the "Procession of the Three Feudal Lords" parade, which involves the three heroes of the Sengoku period, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu, and around 600 followers. Besides this, other examples of Nagoya City's cultural property, such as floats and kagura music and dance, also make an appearance. Check for city-adminstered facilities that usually require a fee, such as the zoo, museums and parks, that will be exceptionally free of charge on the day.

  • Nagoya Festival
  • Nagoya Festival
  • Nagoya Festival
  • Nagoya Festival
  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)
  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)
  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)
  • Nagoya Festival (Nagoya Matsuri)


Date : October 15 (Saturday) and 16 (Sunday), 2022
Place : Venues include Hisaya Hiroba Square and Angel Square (Hisaya-odori Ave.), Mochi-no-Ki Hiroba Square (Hisaya-odori Ave. near Nagoya TV Tower), Oasis 21, Nagoya Castle, and Sasashima Live Area
Location : 〒460-0008
Parade: Nagoya Station (Meieki Area) - Hirokoji-dori Ave. - Sakuradori Ave. (Otsu Ave.) - Sakae - Hisaya-odori Park (Yaba-cho)

Event Venues: Hisaya-odori Park, Angel Square, Sasashima Live Area, Oasis 21, Osu Shopping District, etc.
Fee : Free of charge
Parking : None
*: Please use public transportation
Phone number : 052-972-7611 (Nagoya Festival Secretariat)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    Alight at Nagoya Subway Station or Sakae Subway Station.

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