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Obu-City, Nagakute-City 2-Day 1-Night Tour with Suzuki Violin Studio Visit & Ghibli Park Admission Ticket

Date : Available year-round

Tour Details

1. Customers on this tour can enjoy a new kind of experiential tour as they visit a production area and studio, listen to stories from skilled craftspeople, and select the perfect product that fits them.
2. Suzuki Violin is Japan’s first studio to locally produce violins. Customers can visit the Suzuki Violin studio and learn about the violin-making process while enjoying heartfelt conversations with craftspeople. In addition, customers can play and test out some violins and choose the one that suits them best. 1 basic model is included in the tour booking charge.
3. On Day 2, visit Ghibli Park, which opened in the Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park (Moricoro Park) in November 2022. It is a public facility welcoming visitors into the world of Studio Ghibli. There are no large attractions or rides inside Ghibli Park. It's a place where people can walk along the path and through the forest, feeling the breeze and come upon wonderful discoveries. Opening on Nov. 1, 2023, Mononoke no Sato is designed in the image of Japan’s rural landscape of satoyama, regions comprising arable flat lands near villages and mountain foothills, like that featured in the movie Princess Mononoke.
4. This product includes admission to Ghibli's Grand Warehouse, the main area of Ghibli Park, for a specified date and time. There is so much to do and explore at this enormous facility including a video exhibition room, three special exhibitions, children's play area, a gift shop, a cafe, and more!
*Admission ticket to Mononoke no Sato is also included for customers on tours with Ghibli Park entry dates from Nov. 1, 2023.
5. This tour promotes Cross-cultural Understanding and Social Contribution as stated under Sunrise Tours' Sustainable Development Goals. We advocate for responsible travel, and urge one and all to become responsible travelers.
Please check the following page for details.

Tour Overview

[Req. to Run Tour] 2guest(s)
[Req. per Booking] 2guest(s)
[Departs] Aichi
[Guide Service] English
[Tour Guide/Conductor Language] Not Available
[Audio Guide] Not Available
[Tangential multilingual assistant or multilingual reception accepted] Not Available
[Meeting Place/Time] Meet in front of Nagoya Sta. Nagoya City Tourist Information Center at JR Nagoya Station Bldg. Central Concourse 9:00
Day 1: National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter; Round-trip charter vehicle shuttle service; Violin studio tour; 1 Violin (basic model); Violin shipping fee;
Day 2: One-way shuttle from hotel to Ghibli Park; Specified entry ticket to Ghibli's Grand Warehouse in Ghibli Park; Hotel breakfast *Admission ticket to Mononoke no Sato for customers on tours with Ghibli Park entry dates from Nov. 1, 2023.
[Not Included] Transportation not included in the itinerary


09:00 - JR Nagoya Station Bldg. Central Concourse in front of Nagoya Sta. Nagoya City Tourist Information Center
    After meeting with the guide, head to Suzuki Violin.
10:30 - 12:00 Suzuki Violin
       The tour will be shown around the studio, and there will be explanations on the violin production process.
12:00 - 13:00 Courtyard by Marriott Nagoya
       Arrive at hotel, tour ends. (Hotel check-in starts from 15:00)

[Day2]Hotel Check-out
09:00 -(40minutes) Depart from Hotel
          Head to Ghibli Park There is a shuttle service from the hotel to Ghibli Park.
11:00 - Aichikyuhaku-kinen-koen Station/ Ghibli Park
    After arriving at Ai-Chikyuhaku Kinen Koen Station, please make your own way to Ghibli's Grand Warehouse in the main area of Ghibli Park. Admission time is 11:00-12:00.
*On your visit, please be sure to bring the voucher provided by the guide on Day 1 as well as your passport.
*Please be careful as entry will not be allowed for those who arrive past the specified time and those who forget to bring their voucher and passport.
*Admission to Mononoke no Sato is also included for entry dates between Nov. 1, 2023 and Feb. 12, 2024. There is no designated visiting time, so please enter within operating hours. Please check the official Ghibli Park website for the park calendar and open hours. It takes about 10 minutes on foot to Mononoke no Sato and Ghibli's Grand Warehouse. Please be sure to enter Ghibli's Grand Warehouse with plenty of time for visiting including time for transfers. After the Ghibli Park visit ends, please head to your next destination on your own.


Date : Available year-round
Location : 〒474-0026
2-23-1 Momoyama-cho, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture
(Suzuki Violin Co,. Ltd.)
Fee : 719,700yen / per person~

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