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Nagoya-City [Closed to the Public]
Kinekosa Festival

Date : 02/07/2023

  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival
  • Kinekosa Festival

2021 Kinekosa Festival events will be carried out by Shinto priests without being open to the public.

The faithful following of millenary traditions made this festival figure among The Three Strange Festivals of Owari, together with the Hosha Shinji Ritual of Atsuta Jingu Shrine and the Hadaka Naked Festival of Konomiya Shrine. The ritualistic procedures are part of prayers for warding off ill fortune and asking for an abundant harvest - or otherwise business prosperity - and world peace, among other supplications. The festival centers around a group of previously selected twelve men, called yakusha (ten ato-yaku and two koyaku), who endure purification rituals for three days straight before the main event.

The festival is divided in three major rituals:
-Kawa Matsuri (River Festival), where the twelve wade into the cold waters of the Shonaigawa River and plant a tall bamboo pole in the riverbed, which one of them climbs. The pole invariably ruptures in the middle, and the direction it breaks is used for divination of the fortunes.
-Gyoretsu Procession, where all participants, priests, and guildsmen sporting traditional garments parade across the streets.
-Yakuharai Purification Procession, when the group of twelve remove ill fortunes from the worshipers present.


Date : Held annually on January 17th of the Lunar Calendar
(2021: February 28th (Sunday))
Holding time : -Kawa Matsuri 12:30 PM
-Gyoretsu Procession 2:00 PM
-Main Festival 3:00 PM
-Yakuharai Purification 3:30 PM
Place : -Kawa Matsuri: Shichishosha Shrine, Shonaigawa River
-Gyoretsu Procession: Shichishosha Sando Street
-Main Festival and Yakuharai Purification: Shichishosha Shrine premises
Location : 〒453-0862
7 Kamikoji, Iwatsuka-cho, Nakamura-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
(Shichishosha Shrine)
Fee : Free of charge
Parking : Unavailable
Restrooms : Available
Phone number : 052-412-3671

Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    15 min. westwards walk from Iwatsuka Station of the subway Higashiyama Line (board from Nagoya Station).

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