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Seto-City 23rd Great Seto Marutto Museum Excursion: Leisurely Autumn Kiln Tour

Date : 11/11/2023, 11/12/2023

  • Great Seto Marutto Museum Excursion: Leisurely Autumn Kiln Tour
  • Great Seto Marutto Museum Excursion: Leisurely Autumn Kiln Tour
  • Great Seto Marutto Museum Excursion: Leisurely Autumn Kiln Tour

Potters open their workshops and galleries with total hospitality

Potters from the city of Seto's Akazu, Shinano, and Mizuno areas open their workshops and galleries for a glimpse into what you cannot normally see during the Leisurely Autumn Kiln Tour with treasure hunts, pottery-making experiences (for a fee), and other fun events. The event was created of the desire for potters to speak directly with the customers using their vessels and create a stage for exchange.

◆Event info◆

• Akazu area: Akazu Kiln Village Tour
Take the walking map and information pamphlets available at each potter and stroll along the distinctive townscape! And join in on the treasure hunt with only 100 sheets available a day (JPY 500/sheet)!
Inquiries: 0561-82-3255 (Akazu Potter's Society)

• Shinano area: Shinano Workshop Tour
An event portraying the hospitality of everyone from the Craft no Shinano group, you can learn about pottery culture in front of the Shinano Pottery and Ceramics Center.
Inquiries: 0561-42-0322 (Craft no Shinano)

• Mizuno area: Mizuno Kiln Tour
Enjoy exhibitions, merchandise, and pottery experiences (for a fee) from each potter. The information center is also set up in the Children's Park.
Inquiries: 0561-82-4152 (Mizuno Kiln Tour Executive Committee. Call 0561-48-1265 the day of the event.)

• Other
Seto-Gura Museum Haku'un Pottery 2: The Step Toward Seto Novelties special exhibition
Date and time: 9:00 am–5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm), Sat, Sep 2–Sun, Dec 17, 2023 (admission fee required)
Inquiries: 0561-97-1190 (Seto-Gura Museum)

Fall opening of Tamiji Kitagawa's studio, free of charge!
Date and time: 10:00 am–3:00 pm, Sat Nov 11 and Sun, Nov 12, 2023
Venue: Tamiji Kitagawa's studio (23 Yasudo-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi. Free parking available.)
Inquiries: 0561-84-1093 (Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation)

◆Related event◆

Iwayado Park illumination
Period: Sat, Nov 11–Sun, Nov 19, 2023
• Use the free shuttle bus (running on weekends only during the event period) as there are limited spaces in the Iwayado Park parking lot.
• A ticket is necessary for use of the free shuttle bus. Check the official Seto Marutto Museum and Tourist Association site for details.


Date : Sat, Nov 11–Sun, Nov 12, 2023
Holding time : 9:00 am–4:00 pm
Place : Seto City (around Akazu, Shinano, and Mizuno areas)
Location : 〒489-0811
12-1 Yamawaki-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi (Meitetsu Owari Seto Station)
Parking : Differs by area. Use public transportation when possible.
Phone number : 0561-85-2730 (Seto City Marutto Museum and Tourism Association)

Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Nagoya Station:
    • Take the Higashiyama Subway Line until Sakae Station, change to the Meitetsu Seto Line, and ride until Owari Seto Station.
    • Take the JR Line to Ozone Station, change to the Meitetsu Seto Line, and ride until Owari Seto Station.

    • Use the free Setoranze Bus to each area (Akazu, Shinano, and Mizuno).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    • Approx. 10 min. from Seto-Akazu Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway.
    • Approx. 20 min. from Nagakute Interchange on the Nagoya-Seto Expressway.

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