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Mihama-Town [Cancelled in 2021]
Genki-no-Deru Fireworks in MIHAMA
[TOP Presents BIG BANG 2021]

Date : August(The last ten days)

  • Genki-no-Deru Fireworks in MIHAMA [TOP presents BIG BANG 2021]

The 2021 Genki-no-Deru Fireworks have been cancelled.

A Fireworks Show With the Newest and Latest Technology; Powered Up This Year With 3,000 Additional Fireworks!

“Genki-no-Deru” may be translated as “Cheers Up,”and that’s the theme of this big event. About 18,000 rounds exploding to the sound of music and in harmony with laser beams and other illumination apparatus make this one of the most beautiful fireworks festivals in Aichi. This attraction is part of the larger “Mihama Kaiyusai Marunatsu” Festival (美浜海遊祭 まるナツ!), and as such, prior to the fireworks display, the venue will have music concerts with Japanese artists, food & drinks booths and more!


  • Parking
Date : Cancelled in 2021
*: Postpones to next day in case of inclement weather.
Holding time : From 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM
Place : Mihama Onoura Beach (美浜町小野浦海水浴場 Mihama-cho Onoura Kaisuiyokujo)
Location : 〒470-3236
Onoura, Mihama-Town, Chita-District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Free
*: Paid Special Spectator Seats also available at 3,000 yen/person (advance price 2,500 yen).
Admission required by adults and children ages 7 or older.
Re-entry allowed.
No pets allowed.
Children ages 6 or younger may enter free of charge when accompanied by an adult.
Parking : Available, paid (several parking lots spread along the coastal areas, cap. 1,000 cars)
Restrooms : Available
(15 locations)
Phone number : 0569-87-0334 (Genki-no-deru Fireworks in MIHAMA Committee)
Fireworks shot : Approx. 18,000

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    40 min. walk from either Noma Station (southwestwards) or Utsumi Station (northwestwards) of the Meitetsu Chita Line.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 15 min. (8.8km) from Mihama I.C. of the Minami-Chita Toll Road via routes 274 and 247, or;
    Approx. 15 min. (7.4km) from Minamichita I.C. of the Minami-Chita Toll Road via routes 52 and 247.

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