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Pottery and Ceramics Museum, Gallery and Experience Course

Pottery and Ceramics Museum, Gallery and Experience Course

Since ancient times, Aichi has been one of Japan’s leading traditional pottery and ceramics areas. Take this opportunity to see the history and culture, the designs and uses of ceramics on this fascinating, creative course.

Seto CityAichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

See the Works, Then Try Your Hand

The Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum displays a wide range of pottery and ceramics from across the world, and across the ages. Try your hand at the potters wheel, and make your own items, or hand paint decorate your own plate. Guaranteed fun for all ages.

Takahama CityTakahama Kawara Museum

Discover the World of Traditional Japanese Roof Tiles at Takahama Kawara Museum

Traditional Japanese homes, temples, castles and shrines are renown for their architectural beauty, in particular the elegant roofing. This museum introduces the beauty and appeal of the various traditional Japanese roof tiles and accessories. Experience making your own original Japanese bowls, cups, vases and more in the Pottery Room.

Nagoya CityNoritake Garden

A Fusion of Japanese and Western Dining Culture, at Noritake Garden

Discover how Noritake fine china is crafted, see classical Noritake ware and designs from the early 1900’s in the old factory grounds. You can even try your hand at painting original tableware in the workshop.

Tokoname CityINAX Museum

Be Amazed by Ceramic Tile Culture at INAX Museum

Discover the culture of ceramic tiles. See over 1,000 decorative tiles from various periods across the world in traditional Tokoname City. The museums’ Clay Works and Tiling Workshop allows you to make your own clay, ceramic, and mosaic tile art objects and items, ceramic tile clock painting, Deco mosaic Art, mini ceramic toilet painting, or Lustrous Clay Ball creation. Give it a try!

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