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Aichi’s Famous Flower Attractions

Aichi’s Famous Flower Attractions

Aichi’s wide flat plains, rolling hills, plentiful water and sunshine are the ideal conditions for seasonal flower growing. Over half the Japan ornamental indoor plant market is held by Aichi Prefecture, and Aichi is Japan’s leading cultivator of roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums, and a wide variety of other popular flowers. Techniques for the growing of cyclamen and orchids have also been developed in Aichi. Here’s where best to enjoy seasonal flowers…

Minami Chita-TownHana Hiroba, The Flower Court

Flower Spotting and Flower Cutting at Minami-Chita’s Hana Hiroba, Flower Court

Enjoy seasonal flower spotting from spring to autumn, and in particular, see the sunflower fields from mid June. For \650, you can cut and take home up to 10 seasonal flowers from Minami-Chita’s Hana Hiroba, Flower Court. Secateurs for cutting flowers are available for rent.

Mihama-TownMinami Chita Beach Land

The Minami Chita Beach Land amusement park and aquarium complex is a year round popular Aichi destination, ideal for couples, friends, families and groups!

Minami Chita Beach Land

Nisshin-CityAichi Bokujo Farm

Farm Fresh Flowers at Aichi Bokujo

Spend the warmer months enjoying all manner of seasonal flowers including fields of cosmos and sunflower. Challenge yourself in the flower garden maze, enjoy the BBQ garden, see and pet the sheep, donkeys, pigs, goats, ducks, rabbits, bantams, guinea pigs and more. Try home-made ice-cream made from the farm’s cow’s milk.

Handa-CityYakachigawa River Bank

The Red River Banks of the Yakachigawa

Be amazed by the beauty of nature! From late September or early October, the banks of the Yakachigawa River in Handa turn a bright red as a carpet of over 3,000,000 native Cluster amaryllis flowers bloom along a 2km stretch. Occasionally white Cluster amaryllis bloom, and these are quite rare.

Handa Red Brick Building

See the old Meiji Period Kabuto Beer factory, the National Cultural Property registered Handa Red Brick Building, pockmarked with bullet holes, reminders of WWII, when the old factory stored aircraft parts.

Handa Red Brick Building

Minami Chita-TownMinami Chita Cosmos Highway

Catch the Cosmos at Minami-Chita

See over 2 million Cosmos flowers in full bloom every mid October to mid November along a 500m stretch of the Prefectural Route 280 highway in Minami Chita’s Toyooka. The large white, pink and red cosmos are an absolute sensation!

  • Minami Chita Cosmos Highway
  • Minami Chita Cosmos Highway
  • Minami Chita Cosmos Highway

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