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Aichi's Luxury Spots Feature

Places to Put on Your Bucket List! Aichi's Luxury Accommodations Feature

Recently, instead of traveling around to famous tourist attractions, taking time off to visit secret spots that avoid the “Three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings) is becoming popular. Likewise, there are those seeking an extraordinarily refreshing space outside of the stress of everyday life and the weariness of staying at home. Within Aichi Prefecture are actually many little-known, first-class accommodations. Aichi’s luxury accommodations are introduced below, where everyone from families and couples to friends will want to enjoy a long weekend trip or luxurious excursion to recover from their everyday fatigue!

*: Fees are examples. Please check the official web sites, etc. for details.

―Luxurious Camping Experiences―
The latest leisure spots! Enjoy glamping with ease.

Minamichita-TownSanta Barbara Sunset

A feeling of luxury on the coast. Completion of a brand-new luxury facility!

This camping and glamping resort recently opened on Saturday, July 17, 2021. Enjoy grand, sweeping views of the ocean and the setting sun, reserve a private sauna, or have a BBQ using local ingredients. There’s also a booth set up where you can drink a Chita Highball made with Chita whiskey produced in Aichi Prefecture.

■Glamping Plan
[Adults] 18,000 yen and up [Children] 9,000 yen and up
■Auto Camping Plan 7,000 yen and up
Per person [Adults] 1,000 yen and up [Children] 500 yen

>>> Santa Barbara Sunset Official Web Site (Japanese)

Okazaki-CityWOOD DESIGN PARK Okazaki

Feel closer to nature with the Mikawa area’s Japanese cedar and cypress!

Get in touch with nature and enjoy BBQ or glamping in gorgeous natural surroundings. Each glamping site is equipped with imaginative features such as tents with an ethnic ambience and cute clawfoot bathtubs. Fully enjoy the river, the forest, and the starry sky in the great outdoors.

■ BBQ Usage Fee Per Person
[Senior high school students and older] Pre-Prepared BBQ 5,500 yen/Bring-Your-Own BBQ 3,100 yen
[Elementary and junior high school students] 1,700 yen
[5 years of age and younger] 500 yen
■ Glamping, Dinner and Breakfast Included 52,000 yen and up

>>> WOOD DESIGN PARK Okazaki Official Web Site (Japanese)

―Unusual Experiences at a Ryokan Retreat―
Spend a first-rate time in an extraordinarily luxurious space!
Hidden ryokans where you can relax and avoid the crowds.

Minamichita-TownChita Peninsula Umi no Shougetsu

An inn that’s just like a hideaway, where you can relax while gazing at the sea.

Located on a hill at an altitude of 70 meters, this retreat has 10 guest rooms with rotenburo outdoor baths and is equipped with a beauty salon. On the terrace overlooking Ise Bay, you can feel the healing power of nature through the sea, the sky, the earth, and the pleasant breeze. The chef's special multi-course kaiseki cuisine using Hida beef and the finest seasonal ingredients is also a highlight.

■ Weekdays (per adult)
[2 guests] 44,000 yen and up 
[3 guests] 41,800 yen and up
[4 guests] 39,600 yen and up
■ Fridays and Sundays (per adult)
[2 guests] 45,100 yen and up
[3 guests] 42,900 yen and up
[4 guests] 40,700 yen and up

>>> Chita Peninsula Umi no Shougetsu Official Web Site (Japanese)

Inuyama-CityAkariya Geihanro

A long-standing inn established in 1919! Relax while feeling the historic atmosphere.

Inuyama’s oldest inn, Akariya Geihanro is located along the Kiso River at the foot of Inuyama Castle. Limited to 10 groups of guests per day, all the suites come with a covered rotenburo outdoor bath. The inn has been renovated in recent years, taking on a design that creates a harmony of old and new. The large windows in the guest rooms provide sweeping views of Inuyama’s beautiful scenery, including National Treasure Inuyama Castle and the Kiso River.

■ Kiso River Ukai Fishing Plan (per adult)
[2 guests] 44,000 yen and up
[3 guests] 38,500 yen and up
■ Anniversaries or Celebrations at Akariya Geihanro Plan (per adult)
[2 guests] 46,750 yen and up
[3 guests] 41,250 yen and up

>>> Akariya Geihanro Official Web Site

Gamagori-CityGamagori Onsen Kaze no Tani no Iori

Detached guest rooms modeled on a forest retreat, each with an outdoor bath.

All 10 guest rooms are separate buildings and are recommended for those who want to avoid crowds and spend a quiet time. Equipped with a rotenburo outdoor bath in each guest room, you can enjoy a romantic time while gazing at the starry sky from the terrace. Kaze no Tani no Iori is full of first-rate amenities such as aromatherapy massage, flower baths, and airweave mattresses in all rooms.

■ 1-Night Breakfast Included (per adult)
[2 to 4 guests] 30,950 yen and up
■ 5-Course Kaiseki Plan (per adult)
[2 guests] 53,900 yen and up
[3 guests] 51,700 yen and up
[4 guests] 49,500 yen and up

>>> Kaze no Tani no Iori Official Web Site

Shinshiro-CityMakihara Keikoku HAZU GASSYO

Limited to five groups each day, forget about your hectic everyday life and spend a relaxing time. Around 150 years old, this traditional gassho-style residence was relocated from Ecchu-Yatsuo. Surrounded by nature and part of the local rural community, this is a comforting space full of warmth. The various rooms have different features, such as a room with a rotenburo outdoor bath, a room with a kotatsu heated table, and a room that combines Japanese and Western styles.

■ 1-Night Breakfast Included Plan (per adult)
[1 guest] 27,500 yen and up
[2 to 3 guests] 24,200 yen and up
■ Standard Plan (per adult)
[2 guests] 30,800 yen and up

>>> HAZU GASSYO Official Web Site

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