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Attractive Japan

Enjoy Unique Experiences in Aichi

Enjoy an artistic experience in our workshop near the famous Inuyama castle

Explore your artistic creativity and learn pottery with us in our studio located near to the famous Inuyama castle. The experience begins with a demonstration from our expert artisans and then afterwards, you will learn the main hand-building techniques from the artisans. Moreover, you can visit a Nobori-gama, an ancient type of pottery kiln used to evenly fire all kinds of ceramics which are preserved by this studio. As our surprise gift, at the end of the experience you will be also able to take home a tea bowl handmade by one of our artisans.

Take a wonderful tour around the historic streets and places of Tokoname

In this tour we will visit the most emblematic places of Tokoname and learn about its fascinating history by the hand of your local guide.
We will take a walk through unique pottery footpaths where you will get a feel for the town's love of Manekineko (Fortune cat) by going to places such as the Manekineko street and Tokoname’s picturesque pottery galleries. At the end of this tour you can also visit pottery studio to learn about history of Tokoname pottery.

Witness a unique performance by our masters with authentic Karakuri dolls

Aichi Prefecture is known for being the cradle of automotive and aeronautical production. However, the city of Inuyama stands out for its ancient artisan tradition, especially for the production of Japanese Karakuri mechanical dolls. In this experience, you will immerse yourself in the captivating charms of the historic city of Inuyama. Accompanied by our local guide, we will take a walk through the emblematic streets of Inuyama, visit its castle where you will fall in love with its beautiful views and also enjoy an exceptional performance of Karakuri dolls.

Visit a 170-year-old Japanese sake brewery and explore its fascinating history

Be delighted by the history of more than 170 years of a traditional Japanese sake brewery and enjoy a unique tasting of our best Japanese sake. In this experience, you will explore the captivating world of sake production and discover all the details of the distinctive brewing method of Aichi’s sake by the hand of our sake expert. We will also get familiar with unique and rich flavors through an exceptional tasting of our award-winning Japanese sakes.

Learn how to decorate metal pieces with the world's unique enameling technique, Owari Shippo, called “The Seven Treasures”

Discover the fascinating world of Owari Shippo (Cloisonné), the world's unique technique for decorating metal art pieces. Choose from our repertory the piece you would like to decorate and spark your creativity by using shinning glaze with vivid and deep colors. At the end of this experience, you will be able to take home your unique Owari Shippo masterpiece.

Learn how to make Obara Washi paper and make your own handmade paper craft

Experience making Obara Washi paper, a traditional handmade Japanese paper originated in the peaceful and full of nature region of Obara.
First, you will discover the fascinating history of Obara Washi, a strong and versatile handcrafted paper produce since the 15th century. Also, you will enjoy a visit to our Obara Washi Paper showcase. Afterwards, you will learn how to use the vegetable fibers extracted from kozo to make your very own paper as well as how to decorate it.

Learn Nagoya Yuzen dyeing, an ancient technique used in the decoration of traditional silk kimono that has over 300 years of history

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Japanese culture through an unforgettable experience. You will learn the traditional Nagoya’s Yuzen dyeing technique used in the decoration of traditional silk kimono. Moreover, you will go to a luxurious traditional Japanese building and get dressed yourself in an authentic kimono supported by our professional staff.

*: This page introduces hands-on experience tours developed from a collaborative project between Chubu District Transport Bureau and Aichi Prefectural Tourism Association.

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