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2019 Ninja Team

The 2019 Hattori Hanzo Ninja Team Meets with Aichi Governor Omura

The new ninja, “Satori,”is from the American Midwest and has a long history in the performing arts and modern dance.

On Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at the Aichi Prefectural Civic Reception House, Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu presented the newest ninja of the eminent Hattori Hanzo team to Prefecture Governor Hideaki Omura. The new ninja is "Satori," an American with eight years of experience in the performing arts and a strong skill set in modern dance and acrobatics.

Member of the Nagoya Omotenashi Bushotai, Tokugawa Ieyasu began the proceedings, followed by remarks from Hattori Hanzo and the new ninja Satori. Governor Omura also gave a short speech and wished the ninjas good luck with their 2019 activities.

Satori is played by John Patrick Jandernoa, an American from Michigan who spent three years performing modern and contemporary dance in Chicago after graduating from college. An experienced performer, Jandernoa initially practiced acrobatics on a trampoline in his father's backyard. Jandernoa said he was attracted to ninjas because of their discipline and determination. He hopes to show a strong performance in acrobatics while conveying a ninja style that is historically faithful.

When the formalities were over, the ninjas appeared one by one from behind a wall decorated with irises and performed part of their routine, complete with flips and acrobatics.

The 2019 Hattori Hanzo and the Ninjas team is composed of:
-Takahiro Okada (continuing his role as Hattori Hanzo)
Favorite thing is making the impossible possible.

-Emi Yamada (continuing her role as Ku-no-Ichi Suiren)
Favorite thing is playing with children.

-Toshiki Ikoma (continuing his role as Sanpei)
Favorite thing is daianmaki, a specialty Nagoya sweet.

-Shuri Nakatsu (continuing her role as Ku-no-Ichi Rin)
Always hungry, her favorite thing is eating bread.

-John Patrick Jandernoa (as new ninja Satori)
Favorite thing is nature.

Consulting professor Yuji Yamada made his customary appearance dressed in ninja garb. A professor of Japanese history at Mie University whose current research is on ninjas, Dr. Yamada helps to maintain the historical integrity of the ninja team.

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