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Festivals and Floats, Spring and Summer in Aichi

Festivals and Floats, Spring and Summer in Aichi

Aichi is famed for its many traditional festivals, and in particular for having the most number of traditional festival floats. Many of these floats carry the fascinating Karakuri mechanical dolls, developed and perfected in Aichi.

Inuyama CityInuyama Festival【April】

Castles, Floats, Karakuri Dolls, Cherry Blossom and Fun at the Inuyama Festival

Enjoy cherry blossom and one of Aichi’s most admired, best loved festivals, the Inuyama Festival, featuring 13 huge, highly decorated floats with performing Karakuri mechanical dolls. The floats are later re-decorated with glowing lanterns and again rolled along the streets of the castle town at night.

Inuyama CityInuyama Castle

National Treasure designated Inuyama Castle seems to float on a cloud of cherry blossom every spring. The graceful, elegant curves of the castle’s ancient architecture, and the soft waves of tree borne blossom are the epitome of classical Japan.

Inuyama Castle

Tokoname CityTokoname City’s Spring Float Festival【March-May】

Witness the Spectacle of Tokoname’s Fabulous Festivals!

The Tokoname area comes alive between March and May with various Dashi (float) Festivals. Over 20 gorgeous, well-preserved, Karakuri mechanical doll-topped floats serve the Tokoname region. You’ll love Ono Town’s special Makiwara Fune, a lantern covered, water borne float!

INAX Live Museum

Discover the wonders of decorative ceramic tiles from all around the world in this surprisingly fascinating, unique tile art museum. Experience making your own original pieces in the Clay Works and Tiling Workshop.

INAX Live Museum

Iwakura CityIwakura Cherry Blossom Festival【April】

The Beauty of Iwakura’s Blossom, The Fun of Iwakura’s Festival

Enjoy watching three large, lavishly decorated Dashi festival floats make their way down tunnels of cherry blossom along the Gojo Riverside to the accompaniment of festival music and Karakuri doll performances.

Handa CityKamezaki Shiohi Festival【May】

Making a Splash at Handa City’s Shiohi Float Festival

Five elaborately carved Dashi festival floats covered with gorgeous tapestries rush across the beach at low tide, and charge into the water in this exciting, over 300-year-old festival.


Discover the history of Handa City’s vinegar brewing and manufacturing processes, and the connection between Japanese food culture and the four seasons at the historical Mizkan Museum.


Tushima CityOwari Tushima Tenno Festival【July】

The Festival That Thrilled The Lords, Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival

Experience Tsushima’s 600-year-old Tenno Festival, and enter a breathtaking fantasy world! During the day the river comes alive with gorgeous floats, while at night, the boats are lit by over 365 glowing lanterns, reflected in the calm black waters.

Tsushima Jinja Shrine

Feel the spiritual aura of the 1,450 yea-old Tsushima Tenno Shrine. Held in the highest esteem, it is home to the famed Tenno Matsuri, one of the three biggest and most splendid river festivals in Japan.

Tsushima Jinja Shrine

Tokai CityOwari Yokosuka Festival【September】

Festival Fit For a Feudal Lord, the Owari Yokosuka Festival

Originating in the late 1600’s to entertain the visiting lord of Owari (Aichi) Tokugawa Mitsutomo, the Owari Yokosuka Festival features five Dashi floats decorated with glowing paper lanterns. They are paraded through the town, and each Dashi’s team competes to rotate their multi-ton float without lowering or bumping them.

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