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Winter Festivals In Aichi

Winter Festivals In Aichi

The cold dark days of winter are brightened somewhat by the range and scale of fascinating, unique, traditional, cultural, yet entertaining festivals that take place in Aichi Prefecture. Rug up and join in!

Oku-Mikawa AreaHana Matsuri Festival

Ancient Hana Matsuri, the Demon Festival

A treat of traditional dances, rituals, ceremonies, and visits by ogres, spirits, gods and mythical beasts, the Hana Matsuri is a lively National Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset designated winter solstice festival, dating back to the late 1300s. Held in 15 locations in eastern Aichi.

Shitara TownDamine Castle

The Castle of Political Intrigue and Traitors, Damine Castle
Damine Castle was built circa 1470 on a hill overlooking the village of Damine in north-eastern Aichi Prefecture. It was the site of much political intrigue and samurai action. An authentic recreation of a Sengoku (Warring States) castle based on thorough research and archeology.

Damine Castle

Nishio CityTenteko Matsuri Festival

Prayers for a Rich Harvest at Niike Hachiman Shrine

The Tenteko Matsuri is a 900 year-old festival to pray for a bumper harvest of the five grains, held on January 3 every year. Men in red kimono hang a large daikon radish around their waist, then walk around thrusting their hips, and the swinging male-appendage radish, in a lewd manner, while singing “Tenteko, tenteko,..” A strange and amusing festival.

Nishio CityThe Green Tea of Nishio

A Famous City for Matcha
Nishio City is a famed Matcha, Green Tea producing region. It holds the Guinness World Record for holding the largest traditional tea party, and healthy, tasty green tea is on sale at many cafes and tea specialty shops in the city.

The Green Tea of Nishio

Inazawa CityHadaka Matsuri Festival

Baring All at Konomiya Shrine’s Naked Festival

Every freezing cold February, thousands of warmly dressed spectators line the avenue to the ancient Konomiya Shrine to watch the Hadaka Matsuri, the Naked Festival. Hundreds of men in only light cotton loincloths are splashed with cold water as they carry portable shrines, or try to touch the “Lucky Man”as he makes his way to the inner shrine.

Nishio CityToba Fire Festival

The Fire Festival of Toba Shinmeisha Shrine

A thrilling 1,200 year old fire festival, held at the Toba Shinmeisha Shrine, and featuring 2 great 5-ton blazing torches, with a ladder between the 2 torches the “chosen one” must climb.

Nishio CityKira Onsen Hot Springs

Japan’s Waikiki, Nishio City’s Kira Onsen Hot Springs
The Kira region is famous for being the domain of Lord Kira, antagonist of the 47 Ronin story. It is also known as the Waikiki of Japan, with palm trees swaying along the sandy shores of the Miyazaki Beach, surrounded by resort hotels and the annual Hawaiian Festival staged every August. The relaxing, healthy hot springs simply add to the enjoyment of Kira’s history and culture.

Kira Onsen Hot Springs

Okazaki CityTakisan-ji Temple, Oni Matsuri, the Demon Festival

Fiery Festival of Dancing Demons

The famed warrior and very first Shogun, Minamoto no Yoritomo is said to have started this festival over 800 years ago. Participants wearing the mask of a grandfather, grandmother, or grandson demon appear, and dance among the flames of burning torches held aloft by the locals. This festival is held to pray for both a bumper crop of the five grains, as well as for peace.

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