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Falling in Love in Chita Peninsula Drive Total Time:About 4 hours

Course Contents

Central Japan International Airport CENTRAIR →(Abaout 25 minutes)→ Koinomizu Shrine - The Shrine of Love →(About 15 minutes)→ Noma Lighthouse →(About 20 minutes)→ Cape Hazu →(About 20 minutes)→ Kanko-Noen Hana Hiroba Farm → Return Vehicle to Its Shop or Set Next Destination



Mihama-TownKoinomizu Shrine

A hot shrine among the young: visit and your dreams of love will come true (so they say!)
The deity at Koinomizu Shrine is a matchmaker who is said to cure lovesickness, and is frequently visited by people who want to succeed in love and couples who have just started going out together. The shrine's name means "water of love." See more >
  • 1.2.3.Koinomizu Shrine


Mihama-TownNoma Lighthouse

Aichi Prefecture's oldest lighthouse is a special place for lovers
"The symbol of Mihama-cho goes by the official name ""Noma Cape Lighthouse"". Erected in 1921 and standing at 18 meters tall, this is Aichi Prefecture's oldest lighthouse. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Noma Lighthouse


Minamichita-TownHazu Cape

Ubame Oak flourishes wildly on the Chita Peninsula's southernmost cape
"Hazu Cape is located at Morozaki on the very south of the Chita Peninsula. Southwest of this sightseeing ship port, there is a primeval forest, chiefly consisting of ubame oak amongst warm-climate-loving evergreens, which is specified as a natural monument and provides scenery quite different from the nearby mountains with their other plants. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Hazu Cape


Minamichita-TownKanko Noen Hana Hiroba

Have fun picking melons, strawberries and flowers in these huge flower fields
A sightseeing farm that benefits from Minami Chita's warm climate all year round. Among it's many claims to fame, it's vast fields are filled with the color of seasonal flowers. Although there's an admission fee, once inside, you can stroll through the fields to your heart's content. Each field is carpeted in a single type of flower, creating such remarkable scenery that films and TV programs use it as a backdrop, and it is often featured in informational programs. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Kanko Noen Hana Hiroba
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