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Time Slip to Another Age - Driving Across Real Experiences! Total Time:About 7 hour

Course Contents

Central Japan International Airport CENTRAIR →(About 70 minutes)→ Seto-Gura Museum →(About 15 minutes)→ Manekineko Museum of Beckoning Cats →(About 40 minutes)→ The Museum Meiji-Mura → Return Vehicle to Its Shop or Set Next Destination



Seto-CitySeto-Gura / Seto-Gura Museum

Set Your Mind On Seto, Japan’s Pottery & Ceramics Center
One thousand years of pottery, stoneware and ceramics history and culture is celebrated at the Seto-Gura Museum in one of the two major kiln areas of Aichi, Seto City. Pottery and chinaware from Seto became so famous that even now, all kiln fired items and ceramics are known as “Seto-yaki”, or “Seto-mono”. Such was the artistic quality of Seto ware, it is displayed in the Smithsonian and other museums and galleries around the world. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Seto-Gura / Seto-Gura Museum


Seto-CityManekineko Museum

Japan's premier Manekineko Museum.
This building with neoclassic-influenced design dates back from the Taisho period and is home to over 1,000 “Manekineko” beckoning cats, making it Japan’s largest museum of these interesting statues. See more >
  • 1.2.3.Manekineko Museum


Inuyama-CityThe Museum Meiji-Mura

Discover Meiji Period History, Culture & Architecture At Meiji Mura Open-Air Museum
Meiji Mura is an open-air museum of historical architecture, structures and items of the Meiji Period (1868-1912) arranged in a theme park-like village in historical Inuyama city. See more >
  • 1.2.3.The Museum Meiji-Mura
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