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Spring Surprises In Northern Aichi Total Distance:27.4km Total Time:7hours
Laugh with the locals as you enjoy a Sexy Spring! Fertility and Float Festivals, Big Buddhas, Quaint Castles and Ravishing Rivers in the northern districts of Alluring Aichi!

Course Contents

Tagata Jinja Shrine→(walk about 5 minutes)→Meitetsu Tagata Jinja Mae Station→(15 minutes by train※ Change trains at Inuyama Station)→Inuyama-yuen Station→(12 minutes walk)→Inuyama Castle →(12 minutes walk)Meitetsu Inuyama-yuen Station→(10 minutes by train)→Konan Station →(15 minutes walk) Great Buddha of Hotei→(12 minutes walk)→Meitetsu Hotei Station(5 minutes by train)→ Iwakura Station→ (7 minutes walk)→ Gojo River


Komaki-CityTagata Jinja Shrine

Target the Tagata Shrine!
Tagata Jinja Shrine dates back over 1,500 years, and has become famous as the location of the traditional, yet astonishing Honen Festival, an annual folk fertility festival featuring a huge symbolic penis! See more >


Inuyama-CityInuyama Castle

Experience Japan’s Oldest National Treasure Castle Surrounded in Cherry Blossom
National Treasure Inuyama Castle is exceptionally beautiful in the spring, surrounded by soft cherry blossom. It’s even better during the first week in April, when the Inuyama festival’s huge traditional floats and Karakuri mechanical dolls take to the streets of the castle town! A must see on your trip through Japan! See more >


Kounan-CityGreat Buddha of Hotei

Pay Your Respects to the Grandfatherly Buddha of Hotei
Visible from the train between Hotei Station and Konan Stations on the Meitetsu Inuyama Line, the 18m high Hotei Buddha was erected in 1954 by the successful local Moxibustion practitioner, Maeda Hidenobu. The Hotei Buddha is popular with travelers on the train line, and with photographers, particularly in spring, when the Buddha is surrounded by clouds of pink cherry blossom. See more >


Iwakura-CityGojo River

Gojo River, The Go-To Spot for Cherry Blossom Viewing
The Gojo River, flowing through Aichi Prefecture is also ranked in Japan’s Top 100 cherry blossom viewing list. The Iwakura City leg of the Gojo River is one of the many recommended spots to see the best cherry blossom in Japan. See more >
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