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Full Day Technology and Tradition Course Total Distance:9.7km Total Time:5hours
What makes Aichi Prefecture great? Traditions and Technology! See a top selection of technology, traditions, on this day trip around Nagoya. Start with the High Tech Maglev train, Linimo and see classic automobiles and traditional ceramics too.

Course Contents

Linimo Maglev train →(Geidaitori Station) → (5 minutes walk) → Toyota Automobile Museum → (15 minutes by taxi) → Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Museum



A Magic Carpet Ride, the Magnetic Levitation Linimo
Ride the super smooth high speed linear motor magnetic levitation train, the Linimo. Built to service the World EXPO 2005, the Linimo will whisk you along the 8.9km of track on the eastern districts of Nagoya and Seto to various fascinating destinations. It’s like a magic carpet ride! See more >


Nagakute-CityToyota Automobile Museum

See Over 120 Beautiful Bodies!
Just east of the Nagakute battlegrounds is one of the world’s greatest collections of motor vehicles in the magnificent Toyota Automobile Museum, featuring over 120 cars and motor vehicles from all eras of the motoring age and from all over the world. See more >


Seto-CityAichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum (Exhibition Hall / Ceramic Craft Studio)

See, Learn, Enjoy and Try Making Aichi Ceramics
For hundreds of years, Aichi has been recognized for its artistic and functional pottery and ceramics, much prized by warriors, merchants and townsfolk alike. See and learn of the many wonderful styles, forms and uses of Aichi’s ceramics, then try your hand at making your own traditional pottery here! See more >
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