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Real Off Road Action & Adventure!

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Real Off Road Action & Adventure!

Just outside of Toyota City is five and a half hectares of 4WD fun! The Sanage Adventure Field, one of Japan’s best off road driving ranges, provides 4WD and wet weather driver training and safety courses, as well as experience driving courses. There’s even a specially mounted 4WD drive vehicle rollover simulator (which shows you the true value of seatbelts!). Bring your own vehicle, or rent one from the Center House and take to the various courses!

Real Off Road Action & Adventure!

(4WD Action and Excitement at Sanage)

The exciting “Rinkan Course” runs 1.15km through winding, twisting dirt track. You’ll experience a 55m, 20°climb up a 32m high hill, before snaking your way back down. The “Wonderful Course” is shorter and easier to navigate at 750m through steep mountainous forest with climbs and descents of up to 15° through tunnels of trees before emerging on the “Panorama Road”. “The Trial Course” takes you over rocky roads, humps, dips and bumps, and short, sharp segments with 30 ° gradients! Depending on the season and recent weather conditions, there may be huge puddles to splash through and thick mud to slip and slide through.

(Rough Riding 4WD Style)

After 4WD-ing, enjoy the day camp facilities surrounded by natural forest, or undercover gas or charcoal BBQ facilities with seats and tables. The Center House restaurant offers simple but filling foods. (My suggestion is to experience the 4WD courses and the rollover simulator BEFORE you enjoy your lunch! Particularly the rollover simulator!)

Real Off Road Action & Adventure!

Real Off Road Action & Adventure!

(Popular Sanage Adventure Field, near Toyota City)

Sanage Adventure Field is always popular, and regular events are often scheduled, so call ahead to confirm that the facilities are available, and to book a rental vehicle too. Check out the Sanage Adventure Field for a more modern Japanese adventure.

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