Play along with the WindPlay along with the Wind

The First Tourism Video Produced
by Studio Ghibli

Play along with the Wind


This work recounts the story of a girl who finds a print of a feather in a bag left behind by a traveler in the woods as a powerful wind suddenly picks up in the corner of her eye. As the girl chases down this wind, she runs through various spots in Aichi Prefecture and eventually finds the feather in the home of Satsuki and Mei's House…

This is the story of a girl’s breathless adventure as she runs with the wind that is carrying the feather.


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Ghibli Park opened on November 1st, 2022, in Aichi Prefecture, a place with vibrant nature, a rich manufacturing tradition, and a history that features many warlords. Studio Ghibli has portrayed the attractions of Aichi Prefecture, home of Ghibli Park, in this tourism promotional video.

This work features themes and motifs such as the wind, flight, the joy of running, and the nostalgia of history that permeate countless Studio Ghibli works.
At the center of this video are scenes captured by drone photography that bring this work set in Aichi Prefecture to life, overseen by a team consisting of director Ryutaro Nakagawa, video director Ussiy, and composer Taisei Iwasaki.

The title logo is by Toshio Suzuki, producer, Studio Ghibli. The prints used in the video are crafted by printmaker Keisuke Miyazaki.


Check out the various locations around Aichi that appear in the work

Check out the various locations around Aichi that appear in the work

Shooting Locations