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Nagoya-City Shirotori Garden

  • Shirotori Garden
  • Shirotori Garden
  • Shirotori Garden
  • Shirotori Garden
  • Shirotori Garden

The White Bird Gardens, Shirotori Garden

Shirotori Garden is a tranquil, traditional Japanese style garden covering some 3.7 hectares, and gives the visitor a taste of old Japan. Changes in scenery according to the tidal flows, sunlight on the waters and seasons mean that the gardens and their delightful architecture provide different views every visit.

Shirotori Garden

As with many Japanese garden designs, various elements are representative of nature and the geography of the surrounding area. For example, the main pond of the garden represents the waters of Ise Bay, while the large hill in the garden’s southwestern corner is volcanic Mt. Ontake, and the stream emanating from the hill, the mighty Kiso River.

The exquisite grouping of traditional tea rooms at the center, the Seiu-tei, was designed in the image of a graceful white swan, hence the name, Shirotori. The rooms, available for public use, harmonize perfectly with the natural settings. Sit awhile and enjoy a traditional green tea and sweets as you enjoy the scenery before you.

Shirotori Garden

Walking paths wind around the lakes, and take you across quaint Japanese wooden arched bridges, past little waterfalls and rocks and through the various sections of forest. Everything is so calming and gentle. Cherry blossom and the new leaves of spring are a welcome sight. Dragonflies flit by in summer while cicadas sing. In autumn, the trees are ablaze with red, gold and yellow leaves, and the reflections in the waters doubles the enjoyment. In the winter, the slight chill in the clear skies and a certain calmness takes you far from the bustle of busy Nagoya city.

The tranquil gardens much admired by the people of Nagoya are often host to a number of small events. In January, the annual Plum Tree Bonsai Exhibition is staged, the Concert Under The Moon takes place in late September and in October, tea ceremonies and classical Japanese concerts are held.


  • Parking
  • Restaurant
Location : 〒456-0036
2-5, Atsuta Nishimachi, Atsuta-ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi
Fee : Adults 300 yen, junior high school age and under free
days / hours
: 9:00 to 16:30
Parking : 47 passenger car parking spaces, 1 bus parking space (paid)
Holidays : Every Monday (the following weekday if Monday is a public holiday), year-end and New Years
Phone number : 052-681-8928

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Nagoya Station, take the subway Higashiyama Line.
    Alight at Sakae Station and 10 minutes' walk from exit 4.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    15 minutes from Nagoya Expressway Yobitsugi exit.

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