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Nagoya-City Aichi Triennale 2019

Date : 08/01/2019 - 10/14/2019

  • Aichi Triennale 2019
  • 27 TANAKA Koki
  • 14 KOIZUMI Meiro
  • 03 James BRIDLE
  • 07 Ayşe ERKMEN
  • 32 YUMISASHI Kanji

One of the biggest art festivals in Japan!

The Aichi Triennale, which has been held every three years since 2010, is one of the largest international contemporary art festivals in Japan. In 2019, the festival's fourth iteration will feature an international contemporary art exhibition alongside film, performing arts and music programs, bringing together over 80 individual artists and artist groups across a range of expressive domains to showcase their cutting-edge works.

Aichi Triennale 2019 情の時代 Taming Y/Our Passion

17 Mónica MAYER

-Contributing to the global development of culture and art by creating and disseminating cutting-edge art.
-Bringing culture and art into people's daily lives by promoting and providing education on contemporary art.
-Enhancing the attractiveness of the region by vitalizing culture and art activities.

Curatorial Team
Artistic Director - TSUDA Daisuke
Planning Adviser - AZUMA Hiroki
Chief Curator (Head of Curatorial Team) - IIDA Shihoko
Curator (International Contemporary Art Exhibition) - NOSE Yoko, Pedro REYES, WASHIDA Meruro
Curator (Film Program) - SUGIHARA Eijun
Curator (Performing Arts) - SOMA Chiaki
Curator (Music Program) - OYAMA Takuya
Curator (Learning) - AIDA Daiya
Consultant - HOU Hanru
Designer - MAEDA Yutaka

01 Monira AL QADIRI

Held every three years since 2010, Aichi Triennale is a major international art festival showcasing both contemporary visual art and stage performances. The rich program comprises an international art exhibition, film program, performing arts, and other events.

Aichi Triennale is a public project undertaken by Aichi Prefecture to make a positive contribution to the development of the world’s culture and art, to make culture and art more accessible, and to enhance the visitor appeal of Aichi. Initially, venues included only Nagoya City. The 2nd Triennale was expanded to include Okazaki City, known as a city of jazz, and the 3rd Triennale spread across three cities with the addition of Toyohashi City. The 2019 edition will be hosted by Nagoya and Toyota.

The Triennale will be showcasing works not only in museums and theaters, but also in various other locations, such as old department stores, ex-private houses, public squares, and parks. This approach will create a series of unusual yet fascinating urban scenes and a unique labyrinth. As you walk around the city and enter in the buildings, you will find yourself surrounded by compelling works of art. Visitors are warmly invited to participate in this thrilling experience.

  • 05 The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • 11 ICHIHARA Satoko (Q)
  • 08 FUJII Hikaru
History of Aichi Triennale

09 Regina José GALINDO

The first edition of the Aichi Triennale, a showcase of the world’s latest contemporary art, opened in August 2010 in Nagoya City. Under the artistic direction of Akira Tatehata, the 1st Triennale deployed its theme “Arts and Cities” to Nagoya’s streets and urban spaces, in addition to museums and theaters. With an intention to transform mundane places into inspiring spaces through close viewer/audience interaction with cutting-edge art, the urban celebration drew more than 570,000 visitors.

The second Aichi Triennale took place between August and October 2013, presenting works by 122 artists and groups of artists from Japan and abroad, under the artistic direction of Taro Igarashi. In response to the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in March 2011, the event’s theme “Awakening—Where Are We Standing? Earth, Memory and Resurrection” reflected on the radical changes imposed upon existing frameworks in a state of flux. The 2nd Triennale further developed its urban celebratory nature by expanding to include venues in Okazaki City as well as Nagoya City, and by incorporating architectural points of view, achieving a record number of over 620,000 visitors.

  • 18 MURAYAMA Goro
  • 21 Pangrok Sulap
  • 13 KATO Tsubasa
  • 22 PARK Chan-kyong
  • 06 dividual inc.
  • 30 USUI Yui
  • 15 Kyun-Chome
  • 16 LIM Minouk
  • 12 IMAMURA Yohei
  • 29 Javier TÉLLEZ
  • 27 TAKAYAMA Akira (Port B)
  • 10 Dora GARCÍA
  • 19 NAGATA Kosuke
  • 23 pascALEjandro (Alejandro JODOROWSKY and Pascale MONTANDON-JODOROWSKY)
  • 24 Stuart RINGHOLT

26 TAKAMINE Tadasu


Date : August 1 (Thursday) to October 14 (Monday - holiday), 2019 [75 days]
Place : Aichi Arts Center
Nagoya City Art Museum
Venues in Nagoya (Shikemichi Historic Town and Endoji Arcades)
Toyota City (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and venues in downtown Toyota)
Location : 〒461-8525
1-13-2 Higashisakura, Higashi-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
(Aichi Arts Center)
Fee : • Advance Ticket (purchases between May 1 and July 31)
[1 DAY Pass]
Regular admission 1,400 yen
University students: 900 yen
Senior High School students: 500 yen

[Free Pass]
Regular admission: 2,800 yen
University students: 2,000 yen
Senior High School students: 1,000 yen

[Klimt Exhibition Set Ticket (Toyota Venue Only)]
University Students and older: 1,800 yen (purchases between April 20 and July 31)

• Tickets during the event (purchases between August 1 and October 14)
[1 DAY Pass]
Regular admission: 1,600 yen
University students: 1,200 yen
Senior High School students: 600 yen

[Free Pass]
Regular admission: 3,000 yen
University students: 2,300 yen
Senior High School students: 1,100 yen

[Klimt Exhibition Set Ticket (Toyota Venue Only)]
University Students and older: 2,000 yen
Phone number : • Aichi Triennale Call Center
052-971-6111 (Aichi Triennale Executive Committee Secretariat)
* 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Closed on weekends and holidays (open everyday during the event)
• Ticket inquiries
052-307-6650 (Aichi Triennale Ticket Administration Center (from April 1))
* From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Closed on weekends and holidays (open everyday during the event)

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Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    • Aichi Arts Center: just a brief eastwards walk from Sakae Station of the subway Higashiyama and Meijo lines;
    • Nagoya City Art Museum: 11min (850m) southwards walk from Fushimi Station of the subway Higashiyama Line, or 9min (700m) northeastwards walk from Osu Station of the subway Tsurumai Line, or 9min (700m) westwards walk from Yaba Station of the subway Meijo Line, or 15min (1.2km) southwestwards walk from Sakae Station of the subway Higashiyama and Meijo lines;
    • Shikemichi Historic Town and Endoji Arcades: 15min (1.1km) northeastwards walk from Nagoya Station, or 7min (700m) northwards walk from Kokusai Center (International Center) Station of the subway Sakuradori Line;
    • Toyota Municipal Museum of Art: 15min (1.1km) southwards walk from Toyotashi Station of the Meitetsu Mikawa Line (board from Fushimi, Akaike, or Chiryu stations);
    • Venues in downtown Toyota: just a brief walk from Toyotashi Station of the Meitetsu Mikawa Line (board from Fushimi, Akaike, or Chiryu stations).

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