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Date : 9/15-22, 2018


The ISA World Surfing Games are a surfing competition hosted by the International Surfing Association (ISA). ISA is among the International Federations (IFs) recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and aims to make surfing an Olympic sport. The competition was first held as the World Championships in 1964, and the games have been held every one or two years since then at different locations around the world. The event is a world championship to rank countries and decide the world surfing champions. It is recognized as a "World Cup for surfing" by surfers who aim to complete on the world stage.
Japan is hosting the games for the first time in 28 years, since the 13th World Surfing Games in 1990. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching, the competition is expected to become a hot topic.
The 2017 ISA World Surfing Games, held in Biarritz, France in May 2017, saw 245 surfers from 47 countries compete, a record-high number of participants. It shows that the games are gaining increasing attention from the world.
At the games in France, the Japanese team finished solid at 5th overall for the first time, setting the momentum for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

On Saturday, first day of the tournament (September 15, 2018), the City of Tahara will hold a parade across the central area, featuring the athletes participating in the competition accompanying the ISA President and the marching fanfare. The parade will depart from Mikawa Tahara Station and end at the Tahara City Hall, where the surfers will also grace the tournament's opening ceremony.
At the opening ceremony, the participating delegations will proceed with the Sand of The World ritual, offering a case of sand brought from each respective country.

These events will be held simultaneously to the concurrent Tahara Festival, held on the same day. Guests are kindly recommended to use public transportation as best as possible when coming to the venue due to aggravating traffic congestion in the vicinity. Guests moving by car are advised to observe the traffic restrictions in place and move ahead of the time in preparation for delays.

◘ Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony - Temporary Parking Facilities
• Tahara Fukushi Welfare Center (cap. 100 cars)
• Tahara Chubu Elementary School (cap. 240 cars)
• Aichi Minami Agricultural Cooperative Association Tahara Branch (cap. 50 cars)
• Tahara City Chuo Park (about 160 units)
*: No regular parking available at the Tahara City Hall.


  • Parking
  • Restaurant
Date : September 15th (Saturday) to 22nd (Saturday), 2018
Place : Pacific Long Beach (Taiheiyo Long Beach), Oishi Shore, Atsumi Peninsula
Location : 〒441-3502
Akabane-cho, Tahara-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
(Oishi Shore, Pacific Long Beach)
Parking : Available, free of charge (Akabane Bunka Hiroba, cap. 900 cars)
*: Shuttle bus to the venue available free of charge.
Restrooms : Available
Phone number : 0531-23-3528 (Tahara City Hall WSG Secretariat)

Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    Take the shuttle bus from Mikawa-Tahara Station of the Toyotetsu Atsumi Line (board from Shin-Toyohashi Station, in turn reachable from Nagoya Station using JR Tokaido Main Line or Meitetsu Nagoya Line).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    • Streets around Long Beach will be restricted to one-way traffic, and congestion is expected. Additionally, as parking facilities are limited around the tournament venue, please use the parking lot at Akabane Bunka Hiroba as best as possible or come by train to Mikawa-Tahara Station. Then, please feel free to use the free shuttle bus running between the venue and both the Akabane Bunka Hiroba Parking Lot and Mikawa-Tahara Sta.
    -Akabane Bunka Hiroba Parking Lot:
    443 Omurazaki, Tahara-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    (Location on Google Maps: https://bit.ly/2onsdDz)

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