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Nagoya-City Kinshachi Yokocho Gourmet Town

  • Kinshachi Yokocho Gourmet Town
  • Kinshachi Yokocho Gourmet Town

Composed of Two Distinct Areas Adjacent to Nagoya Castle!

Kinshachi Yokocho is the long-awaited restaurant and shopping facility at Nagoya Castle, featuring old established brands of merchants specialized at traditional Nagoya Meshi dishes, also going by the nickname of "Samurai Cuisine."

The facility is divided into two separate areas, one near the Main Gate Seimon and another near the East Gate Higashimon, each boasting its own distinctive air and style.

Yoshinao Zone, near the Castle's Main Gate, follows the concept of tradition and historical accuracy and is named after the first ruler of Nagoya Castle - on the occasion of Japan's stepping into the Edo Period - Tokugawa Yoshinao. East Gate's Muneharu Zone is similarly named after a Tokugawa Lord, this time Muneharu, the 7th Lord, known for his progressive and modern thinking. Stop by each area to taste and experience the wonders of Nagoya's local food.

Main Gate Seimon - Yoshinao Zone

Gathering old brands that focus on the authentic and unchanged taste of the Nagoya Meshi local cuisine, even the building housing the 12 participating tenants follows the strict Japanese architectural style of the early Edo Period. Also features a prominent souvenir shop franchise.

Kinshachi Yokocho Gourmet Town

•10th Generation Gisuke (Ju-Dai Gisuke) - Nihonshu Sake Bar and Retail
•Yamamotoya Souhonke - Miso-Nikomi Udon Soybean Paste Broth Noodles and Kishimen Noodles
•Torikai Souhonke - Nagoya Cochin dishes, Oyakodon Egg & Chicken Rice Bowl, Tebasaki Nagoya Chicken Wings
•Hitsumabushi Bincho - Hitsumabushi Premium Eel Rice Bowl, Unadon Eel Rice Bowl, Nagayaki Gohan Meal, etc.
•Misokatsu Yabaton - Miso-Katsu Skewered Pork Cutlet with Soybean Miso Sauce
•Nagoya Tofu Kawaguchi - Miso Dengaku Grilled Tofu Sticks on Soybean Sauce, etc.
•Owariya - Kasu-zuke Sake Lees Picked Fish, etc.
•Japanese Cafe Nagono Chaya - Wagashi Japanese Sweets, Sweets, Matcha Green Tea and other drinks, etc.
•Ebisenbei-no-Sato - Shrimp Cracker sales by weight "Hakariuri," etc.
•Owari Nagoya Tendon Tokugawa Chubei - Tenpura, Tendon Tenpura Rice Bowls, Tenmusu Shrimp Rice Balls, etc.
•Classic Sukiyaki Sugimoto - Owari Beef Gyunabe Pot, Owari Beef Nikomi Stew, Nikusozai Beef Side Dishes, etc.
•Souvenir Shop Nagomiya - Kinshachi Yokocho Original Merchandise, novelty goods, etc.

East Gate Higashimon - Muneharu Zone

Features seven brands contributing with original dishes and ideas, made with ingredients produced and procured locally. The structures also reflect the innovation and novelty sense pursued by this concept.

Kinshachi Yokocho Gourmet Town

•Shiromachi Grill Curry & Cafe - Original Spice Curry, Charcoal Grilled Naan, etc.
•Ankake Taro - Ankake Spagetti, Indian Spagetti, etc.
•Bistro Nagoya - 100% Beef Bistro Hamburg Steak, Roast Avocado Chili Cheese Hamburg Set, Rice Bowls, etc.
•Fujiyama 55 - Tsukemen Dipping Ramen, Tonkotsu Pork-Bone Broth Ramen, Maze-Soba, etc.
•Vegetable Cafe & Seafood Bar Saien - Chopped Salads, Kinshachi Soft (Gold-Gilded Soft Serve), etc.
•Sosaku Kushiage Tsuda - Deep-Fried Skewered Food and Wine
•Cafe Diner POP OVER - Steak, Popovers, Pastries, Desserts, etc.


  • Souvenirs
  • Restaurant
  • Bus Stop
  • Wi-Fi
Location : 〒460-0032
1 Ninomaru, Naka-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Muneharu Zone)
1 Sannomaru, Naka-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Yoshinao Zone)
days / hours
: Varies depending on the shop.
Place : Nagoya Castle, Main Gate Seimon and East Gate Higashimon
Parking : Available, paid (public and private parking facilities nearby charging varying fees)
Restrooms : Available
Holidays : Varies depending on the shop.
Phone number : 052-973-9011

Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    5 min. westwards walk from Exit 7 of Shiyakusho Station of the subway Meijo Line (board the clockwise train from Sakae Station, in turn reachable from Nagoya Station using the subway Higashiyama Line bound for Sakae and Fujigaoka).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 8 min. southwestwards from Kurokawa Exit of the Nagoya Expressway R1 Kusunoki Route, or;
    Approx. 5 min. northwards from Marunouchi Exit of the Nagoya Expressway Ring Route.

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