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Okazaki-City Kuragari Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival
(Kuragari Keikoku Koyo Matsuri)

Date : 11/19/2022 - 12/04/2022

  • Kuragari Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival (Kuragari Keikoku Koyo Matsuri)
  • Kuragari Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival (Kuragari Keikoku Koyo Matsuri)
  • Kuragari Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival (Kuragari Keikoku Koyo Matsuri)
  • Kuragari Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival (Kuragari Keikoku Koyo Matsuri)

The Kuragari Gorge (くらがり渓谷 Kuragari Keikoku) is a touristic sightseeing and natural resort area in the extreme east of Okazaki-City. In fact, it is so deep within the mountains to the east that the border with Shinshiro-City is less than a kilometer further east. As such, this place has all the natural qualities of the Okumikawa region and is perfect for a relaxing and reinvigorating weekend in the mountains. The valley is also home to the “Fudo-no-Taki” waterfall, a very scenic and charming feature of the area. There are also restaurants, camping areas, cafés and all the facilities for a comfortable experience.
It is a great spot whether for enjoying active summer days, or relaxing weekends appreciating the gorgeous autumn leaves.


  • Parking
Date : November 19 (Saturday) to December 4 (Sunday), 2022
(Annually from mid-November to late December)
Place : Kuragari Gorge (くらがり渓谷 Kuragari Keikoku)
Location : 〒444-3601
2-2 Makihara-Hikage, Ishihara-cho, Okazaki-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
(Kuragari Keikoku)
Fee : Free of charge
Parking : Available, free of charge (cap. 300 vehicles)
Phone number : 0564-83-2057 (Kuragari Camp Center)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Motojuku Station of the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (board from Nagoya Station), take the Meitetsu Bus bound for Kuragari Keikoku. Get off at Kuragari Keikoku (last stop).
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    ・Approx. 40 min. from Okazaki I.C. of the Tomei Expressway.
    ・Approx. 20 min. from Okazaki-Higashi I.C. of the Shin-Tomei Expressway.

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