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Komaki-City Komaki Nobunaga Yumeyakai Moon Watching Party

Date : 09/17/2022

  • Komaki Nobunaga Yumeyakai Moon Watching Party
  • Komaki Nobunaga Yumeyakai Moon Watching Party
  • Komaki Nobunaga Yumeyakai Moon Watching Party

A Reception Party to Remember Hero Oda Nobunaga!

The city of Komaki hosts its annual Komaki Nobunaga Yumeyakai event (Komaki Nobunaga Dream Night Party) at the Komakiyama Castle site. One of the unification heroes of Japan, Oda Nobunaga lived in Komaki Castle for the 4 years prior to his streak of victories that put the nation on its tracks to become an undivided territory. It is said that he was a sophisticated man who, most likely, held lavish reception parties for his allies and friends. That makes Komaki a perfect location for Moon Viewing parties that are an early-Autumn tradition in Japan. Several merchants will line their tents in the Komaki-yama Park, selling food and drinks, and stage shows will entertain the guests all night long! Put your best “Guest of a Lord” foot forward and head there for a nice and entertaining night!


Komakiyama transformed into a fashionable spot! Enjoy food, alcohol and sweets.


Enjoy the passionate flamenco, jazz and other stage performances that will make your night special.

* "Komakiyama Takigi Noh" held on the same day.
* Both Komaki City Museum of History and Komakiyama Castle Historical Site Information Center to be extraordinarily open (9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, adults 100 yen, Junior High School students and younger free of charge).


  • Parking
  • Restaurant
Date : September 17 (Saturday), 2022
*: Held even under rain (except in particularly inclement weather).
Holding time : 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Place : Komakiyama Park
Location : 〒485-0046
1-1 Horinouchi, Komaki-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Admission free of charge, consumption at merchant tents charged separately.
Parking : Komakiyama North Parking Lot (about 50 parking spaces)
*: Japanese Law only allows liquor consumption for people ages 20 and older.
*: DUI/DWI are offenses severely punished in Japan, do not drink and drive.
*: Parking availability limited, please use public transportation as best as possible.
Restrooms : Available
Phone number : 0568-39-6123 (Komaki City Tourism Association)
*: 9:00 AM to 5:15 PM (Closed Thursdays)
0568-76-1172 (Komaki City Hall, Regional Vitalization Department, City Promotion Division, Tourism Promotion Section)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Sakae Station, take the subway Meijo Line.
    Alight at Heiandori Station and take the Meitetsu Komaki line.
    Alight at Komaki Station and walk 15 min.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    5 min. from Komaki I.C. of the Tomei Expressway or Meishin Expressway.

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