• Shinshiro Noryo Fireworks (Shinshiro Noryo Hanabi Taikai)

Shinshiro-City Shinshiro Noryo Fireworks (Shinshiro Noryo Hanabi Taikai)

Date : 08/13/2017

  • Shinshiro Noryo Fireworks (Shinshiro Noryo Hanabi Taikai)

A majestic silver cascade of light prior to the grand finale!

One of the Summer Traditions of Shinshiro-City, this festival, held annually in the night of August 13th, has as stage the area around Sakurabuchi, on the Toyokawa River bed, and the gorgeous mountains that form the backdrop make the explosions echo in peculiar and entertaining ways!

Shinshiro Evening Fireworks Festival

A fireworks show featuring approximately 2,000 rounds, with explosions which resonate across the valleys and gorges of the Oku-Mikawa area, making for a majestic effect. Near to the climax of the festival, a long "Niagara Fall" fireworks cascade crossing the whole width of the Toyokawa River, reflecting its light on the water and illuminating the entire place, creates an utterly fantastic sight!

2017 Edition (Tickets sold on the day)
Tickets for the Paid Spectators Area

•Ground Spectators Area
1,000 yen/guest (Elementary School and younger free of charge)
Selling booth location: Sakurabuchi Ikoi Square Ground Paid Spectator Area Entrance
Number of tickets (Estimate): 400
*: Guests are not allowed to enter carrying chairs or tables
*: Near-ground fireworks just partially visible.

•Spectator Area in the Toyokawa River embankments (best seats)
2,000 yen/guest
Right Side Margins Stairs Entrance (in front of the Sakura Annex)
Number of tickets (Estimate): 200
(Toddles and kindergarten children free of charge unless requiring seating).

•30 Family Tables with 1 round table and 4 chairs + Parking Lot for 1 car + 1,000 Yen Food Ticket (6,000 yen), and 10 Couples Tables with 1 round table and 2 chairs + Parking Lot for 1 car + 500 Yen Food Ticket (4,000 yen), also available.

*: Advance tickets also available, inquiry for details.
*: Tickets sell out quickly so come early to assure yours.


Date : August 13th (Sunday), 2017
*: Event to be held even under light rain. Postpones to the next day in case of inclement weather.
(Annually on August 13th)
Holding time : From 7:10 PM to 8:45 PM
*: May vary slightly depending on weather conditions.
Place : Sakurabuchi Park
Location : 〒441-1331
2-1 Yanaida, Niwano, Shinshiro-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Paid areas 1,000 yen/guest or 2,000 yen/guest
Tickets required
Family Tickets or Couples Tickets only handled by the Shinshiro City Tourism Association
Parking : Available, both paid and free of charge (approx. 800 spaces across several parking lots)
Restrooms : Available (facilities for handicapped also available)
Phone number : 0536-32-0022 (Shinshiro City Tourism Association)
0536-32-1985(Shinshiro City Hall Tourism Department)
Road blocks : Road blocks deployed around the venue between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    15min southwards walk from either Shinshiro Station or Higashi-Shinmachi Station of the JR Iida Line.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    •Approx. 20min (8.5km) southwards from Shinshiro I.C. of the Shin-Tomei Expressway via routes 151, 301 and 69.
    •Approx. 20min (12.2km) northeastwards from Toyokawa I.C. of the Tomei Expressway via routes 151, 380, 381 and 69.

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