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Inuyama-City Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine

  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine
  • Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine

A series of red torii gates leave a strong impression at this shrine, also famous as a shortcut to National Treasure Inuyama Castle.

Located at the base of Inuyama Castle, Sanko Inari Shrine has a long, rich history. Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine’s name was originally “Sankojisan,” and was a highly respected shrine by both local and distant practitioners alike.
Every year on July 22, there is a traditional festival custom where families visit the shrine after dark carrying small red paper “chochin” lanterns hanging from branches of bamboo. On that day, large Makiwara boats decorated with large numbers of paper lanterns in a dome shape float down the Kiso River accompanied by traditional music. The reflection of the swaying lanterns on the surface of the water is especially enchanting and remains a beloved summer tradition in Aichi.

Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine

As an "inari" shrine, visitors also come to pray for a prosperous business. According to one legend, it is said that placing money in a perforated basket and washing coins with sacred water on the shrine grounds will increase the amount of money several times over!

Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine

Inside Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine is Himeki Jinja Shrine, which specializes in romance, peaceful households, and harmonious marriages.
Along the path of torii gates are cute, heart-shaped wooden tablets with prayers written on them. Women and couples as well as married couples often go to pray here.

Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine

Another compelling legend is the “omokaru” stone. This special stone sits on a red cushion on the side of the main hall. If you close your eyes while standing in front of the stone and hold a wish in your mind while lifting the stone, your wish will be as easy to realize as however light the stone feels. Bring along plenty of wishes and take a trip to Sanko Inari Jinja Shrine!


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Location : 〒484-0081
41-1 Inuyama Kitakoken, Inuyama-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Phone number : 0568-61-0702
New Year's "Hatsumode" First Shrine Visit : From midnight on January 1st
Purified Sand 300 JPY
Good Luck Charms 700 JPY and up
Various "omamori" good luck charms available including Family Safety, Prosperity, Traffic Safety, Harmonious Marriage, Romance, and more.

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Meitetsu Nagoya Station, alight at Meitetsu Inuyamayuen Station. Walk approx. 12 min. from the West Exit.

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