Seto Yakisoba

With a history dating back to the 50’s, this very appetizing variation of the already beloved Yakisoba is another edible treasure worth trying, as it must be served in a specific kind of porcelain!

The Seto Yakisoba is a distinct preparation said to have started to spread among locals about 60 years ago. Although initially limited to only a handful of shops or the households in Seto, a small city east of Nagoya, it is now widely regarded as a trademark Seto recipe by Aichi residents. This savory and popular concoction uses a mix of pork gravy and soy sauce as main flavoring element, and it’s garnished with pink ginger pickles “beni-shoga” and ground dried green laver “aonori”, like its more traditional counterpart. However, one of the main characteristics of this delicacy isn’t edible: to be authentic, a Seto Yakisoba must be served on a “Seto Yakimono”, which is a pottery made in Seto (in case you didn’t know, Seto is famous for its high-quality pottery industry, widely recognized by foreign and Japanese people alike).

One may argue that the plate really adds nothing to the taste itself, but once you get to know the history of the ceramics industry of the place, and taste the strong and flavory pork-based jolt of these hot-plate seared wonders, you’ll realize how the containers are indispensable for a truly rewarding experience.

People in Seto nowadays are pouring some serious effort in this small delight, in order to promote and elevate the status of both Seto Yakisoba and Seto Yakimono. Make sure to try it before you leave Japan!




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