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Traditional Japanese cuisine can have different names depending on the formalities. "Shojin-ryori" is a vegetarian cuisine that was served to entertain guests, at Zen temples. Since Buddhist clergy were not allowed to eat meat or fish, the dishes of this cuisine are cooked without any.




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Nagoya-City Pure-line Nagoya Cochin Kululu Meieki

This is a restaurant filled with the ambience of Edo period post towns. Customers are drawn into one of the seven unique seating options: comfortable counter seats, separate private rooms, tatami m...

Nagoya-City Unazen Kappo Hitsumabushi

Baked after being grilled unseasoned in the Kanto style, the eel is soft enough to cut with a wooden spoon. Its fluffy texture quickly melts in your mouth. Very delicately seasoned with a soy-based...

Nagoya-City Kawabun

In the middle of a busy district of Nagoya, inside a humble and unassuming roofed wooden fence, and with its proud façade partially hidden by some very old trees, lies a “ryotei”. Silently and disc...

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