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Toyohashi Station

Toyohashi Station

Toyohashi Station is located in Toyohashi City in the eastern part of Aichi Prefecture. A large number of train lines converge here, in addition to trams, fixed-route buses, and other forms of public transportation, positioning the station as “West Mikawa’s transportation base.”
Within Toyohashi City are sightseeing spots such as Futagawa-Shuku, a former post station along the old Tokaido highway. Use the Toyohashi Rail Road (Toyotetsu) Atsumi Line and Meitetsu Bus for ocean views at Cape Irago, head to Toyokawa Inari for a historic temple counted among Japan’s Big Three Inari Temples, and visit Gamagori City for hot springs and gourmet food. Recommended if you’re looking for some of Japan’s classic scenery, use the Iida Line bound for the Okumikawa area to find places such as Mt. Horai-ji or the hot spring district of Yuya Onsen.

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