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Nagoya Station

Nagoya Station is the largest terminal in the Chubu region. All Tokaido Shinkansen trains stop here, and transfers can be made to conventional train lines, Meitetsu or Kintetsu trains, and the Nagoya subway lines or the Aonami Line which connect to various places within the city.
Around Nagoya Station are skyscrapers such as the 52-story JR Central Towers and sprawling underground shopping centers, both of which serve as a launching point for the latest fashion and gourmet food. Check out breaded pork cutlet Miso-Katsu, flat Kishimen noodles, Tebasaki chicken wings, and other regional dishes known as Nagoya Meshi. Locals also call Nagoya Station by the abbreviated name of Meieki.
From here you can use the subway to get to Nagoya Castle. Other places within Nagoya City include Noritake Garden, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, and the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park.
In the area surrounding Nagoya is National Treasure Inuyama Castle, accessible by Meitetsu train. From Nagoya you can also head to MIZKAN MUSEUM in Handa City and other places on the Chita Peninsula.

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