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Temples, Shrines and Autumn Leaves

Temples, Shrines and Autumn Leaves

Revel in Japans' long history, deep culture and stunning autumn views and colors across Aichi. See temples and shrines surrounded by the gorgeous fall colors, that evoke the iconic images of Old Japan.

Toyota-CityKorankei Gorge

Korankei Maple Festival

Korankei is known nationwide as a place to go and see autumn leaves. The autumn leaves festival is held every year in November, which is the best time to see colored leaves on maple trees that are said to number around 4,000.

Toyota-CityObara Area

Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom Trees Festival

There is only one place in Japan where you can see both the fiery red and orange autumn leaves AND the soft pink cherry blossom at the same time, and that is Aichi Prefecture’s Obara! Special cherry trees called Shikizakura bloom twice a year, once in spring, and again just as the autumn leaves are at their best. This creates an incredibly beautiful, fantastic scene.

Seto-CityIwayado Park and Jokoji Temple

Iwayado Park & Jokoji Temple Autumn Leaves Festival

Jokoji Temple's waft of history and culture with its small stone shrine called the Iwayado. During the Autumn Leaves Festival, a tea house opens on the elevated viewing platform on the west side of the temple grounds.

Inuyama-CityKisogawa River, Momotaro Park

Momotaro Maple Leaves Boat

Watching Koyo autumn leaves is nice. From a boat in a gorgeous river, doubly so! The Maple Leaves of Inuyama-City are famous and draw great crowds eager to appreciate them, but in the second half of November, the Momotaro Maple Leaves Boat runs everyday taking guests along the Kisogawa River to enjoy those amazing sights from the middle of the stream!

Inuyama-CityJakkoin Temple

Jakkoin Autumn Leaves Festival

The Jakkoin Autumn Leaves Festival celebrates the coming of autumn and the astounding mood change of the maple woods of Jakkoin Temple with a series of interesting events.

National Treasure Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle is the oldest remaining of just 5 castle keeps designated as National Treasures. The Warring States period structure displays graceful, elegant curves and traditional architecture that belies its harsh, military background. A must see on your trip through Japan!

Inuyama Castle

Shinshiro-CityHoraiji Temple

Mt. Horaiji Maple Festival

Mt. Horaiji is known as a top place to enjoy splendid autumn leaves from mid to late November. Looking upstream from the promenade on the banks of the Tomoe River, over 4,000 trees are bathed in autumn colors and reflected in the clear waters of the river below.

Yuya Onsen Hot Springs

Enjoyed for over 1,300 years, the hot springs of Shinshiro’s Yuya Onsen are found deep in a picturesque valley along the Ure River, with stunning traditional Japanese views of the mountains and river. Relax and wash away the aches and pains in the natural steaming hot waters.

Yuya Onsen Hot Springs

Toyohashi-CityFumonji Temple Maple Festival

Beauty of Nature, Beauty of Man

See four ancient National Important Cultural Asset listed statues, wooden effigies of the Amida Buddha, and the Shaka Buddha free of charge. All surrounded by the richly beautiful autumn colors of Toyohashi's Fumonji Temple. Check also the Wild Himalaya Cherry blossoms!

Futagawa-Shuku Honjin

Step backing time and see one of the very few remaining Honjin, special lodgings for high ranking samurai and elite along the old Tokaido Highway.

Futagawa-Shuku Honjin

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