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Day Course of Central Nagoya City from Nagoya Station Total Distance:2.3km Total Time:4 hours
See the heart and soul of Nagoya City in this enjoyable one day tour of Nagoya's central areas. Sightsee, shop, live and learn in this easy to navigate city.

Course Contents

Depart Nagoya Station → (5 minutes by subway) →Sakae Station → (3 minutes walk) → TV Tower → ( 1 minute walk) → Oasis 21 → Sakae Station (3 minutes by subway) → Kamiimaezu Station → (5 minutes walk) → Osu Shopping Arcades → (10 minutes walk) → Osu Kannon Temple


Nagoya-CityNagoya TV Tower

Nagoya’s TV Tower, a Symbol of the City
See Japan’s oldest broadcast tower and view Nagoya city from the 100-meter high observation deck and restaurant. Designed with France’s Eiffel Tower in mind, Nagoya’s TV Tower was destroyed twice by Godzilla and Mothra in the movies! Construction of the tower began in 1953. However, since the machinery of the time was inadequate, all the work had to be carried out by manpower, including digging out the soil for the foundations with pickaxes and shovels and lifting up the steel frame by hand. See more >


Nagoya-CityOasis 21

A Visual Event Space and Shopping Oasis in the Heart of Nagoya
Walk around the large steel and glass dish containing 15 tons of water known as Spaceship Aqua, and see the underground shopping center and the Galaxy Platform multi-purpose event space below, ringed by over 30 various specialty shops, restaurants, and service centers. See more >


Nagoya-CityOsu Arcades

From Antiques to Sub-Culture, Nagoya’s Popular Osu Arcades
An eclectic mix of the old and new can be found in the traditional shopping arcades surrounding historical Osu Kannon Temple. Enjoy the many local and international restaurants and eateries, pop culture and fashion, electronics, computers, cameras, stereo systems old and new, toys and collectibles...there’s something for the young and old alike! See more >


Nagoya-CityOsu Kannon Temple

Nagoya’s Most Photogenic Temple
Nagoya’s Osu Kannon Temple is a popular, exciting, and photogenic temple. Host to a twice-monthly antiques fair, it is surrounded by rows of shopping arcades selling electronics to fashion and everything in between. Enshrined in the main hall is a wooden statue dedicated to Kannon, the goddess of mercy and compassion, carved by the Buddhist saint Kobo Daishi. See more >
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